How Outplacement Services Support Technology Organisations Going Through Change

Having secured Series A funding, our client was poised to grow rapidly prior to a downturn in its market and the loss of several key contracts. Growth plans needed to be curtailed and around 50 staff were impacted as a result of redundancy. Offices were consolidated and plans scaled back in order to reappraise the market and rebuild stronger foundations. The company was very keen to maintain an engaged workforce and to ensure that all individuals – despite the challenges involved in shedding staff – maintained a positive view of the organisation. This was seen as a key success factor given the challenges around retention and the probable need to recruit (and even possibly re-recruit) talented individuals.

What did INTOO do?

INTOO were asked to provide 1:1 outplacement support and career advice to the 50 individuals affected by the changes. The individuals were split into two main groups – support services and sales and account management. A small number of technical programmers were also in scope.

Following the notice of redundancy, INTOO delivered transition support to 95% of those who were eligible to receive support. Following careful coach-matching, individuals were able to work with their designated coach in order to pursue career options elsewhere in the market. Alongside conventional career-coaching, people were offered access to a range of online material complementing the 1:1 advice. Several individuals opted to seek alternative work overseas.

What was the outcome?

All individuals who worked with INTOO were successfully transitioned into new roles. Whilst a few were redeployed internally – benefitting from the ability to reassess their skills and consider alternative positions following discussions with their coach – the majority moved into similar roles elsewhere in the market. Interestingly over 60% secured higher salaries than before.

Our client was extremely satisfied with the outcomes; with those unaffected appreciating that redundant colleagues had been supported through the provision of career-transition support. Social Media and other employee-led sector chatrooms flagged up a number of highly complimentary comments surrounding the changes and how well people had been off-boarded.  Our client felt that this was achieved, in part, to the success of the INTOO support.

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