New AI-Powered Video Assessment Gives INTOO Outplacement Users a Competitive Edge

CareerArc Outplacement video artificial intelligence soft skills assessment

Finding your next career opportunity after a layoff or termination can be daunting even in the best economic climate, but even more so now as the world grapples with the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re excited to announce that starting today, Intoo Outplacement users now have one more tool in their arsenal—the power of artificial intelligence.

What it is: AI-powered soft skills and character traits video assessment

Intoo’s new video-based artificial intelligence feature evaluates candidates on their soft skills and character traits through brief, self-guided video interviews that simulate a real job interview. 

Why it matters: Job seekers can position themselves to be more attractive to hiring managers

With the insights surfaced by Intoo’s new video assessment, candidates have the information they need to articulate the value of soft skills they already possess—such as adaptability, curiosity, creativity, attention to detail, and communication styles—so they can position themselves in the best possible light for hiring managers looking to fill crucial positions in a competitive job market.

“With the current job market, job seekers need tools and insights that will help them stand out from the crowd. We are facing unprecedented times, and Intoo is dedicated to helping individuals impacted by the coronavirus pandemic plot the fastest track towards employment,” said Robin D. Richards, chairman of Intoo USA. 

How it works: Three steps, five minutes

By leveraging video to mimic a job interview, Intoo’s new soft skills and character traits assessment measures engagement, emotions, facial expressions, and other gestures in response to common interview questions. The assessment is completed in three steps:

  1. Candidates video record themselves responding to several common interview questions. 
  2. The artificial intelligence technology assesses the video responses and surfaces unique soft skills and personality traits that make job seekers stand out during the interview process.
  3. Candidates then receive a “Soft Skills and Character Traits Report” with their results in as little as five minutes. 

Candidates can review scores on their own or with one of Intoo’s on-demand career coaches to determine how best to highlight each skill or trait across LinkedIn, cover letters, resumes, interviews, and more. 

“The most important thing job seekers can do right now is to use this time to make themselves more marketable, and our coaches are on standby seven days a week to help do just that,” said Yair Riemer, CEO of Intoo USA. 

Through tech-based intelligence and the experienced support of world-class career coaches, Intoo’s virtual outplacement helps transitioning employees land their next job 2.5 times faster than the national average time it takes to find employment—all without leaving their homes. Intoo’s methods and technology are designed for employees of all levels, industries, and backgrounds. With various online, on-demand program tracks, Intoo accelerates career transition by connecting candidates with career coaches faster and by providing personalized guidance for each individual. 


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