INTOO’s 2021 Workforce Trends Report Finds Companies’ Needs and Plans Are Not Aligned in Volatile Employment Market

2021 Workforce Trends Report - Pandemic Insights

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August 5, 2021


INTOO’s 2021 Workforce Trends Report found that employee productivity, satisfaction, and engagement overwhelmingly were maintained or increased during the pandemic, largely due to more flexibility in the workplace and additional employee-focused benefits. However, according to HR professionals surveyed across the U.S., most companies do not plan to maintain these conditions, even while talent retention, hiring, and engagement continue to be their biggest concerns for the months ahead.

A majority of companies (83%) used a different work model during the pandemic, such as a fully remote or hybrid environment. Most (78%) also saw the same or increased levels of productivity and the same or increased levels of employee satisfaction (61%).

Also, half of companies that increased their focus on employee engagement and internal mobility experienced higher employee productivity vs. only 32% of those that saw higher productivity while maintaining or lowering their focus in these areas.

Other data points show that shifting responsibilities during the pandemic proved vital to business continuity and engagement:

  • 59% of all companies shifted responsibilities and roles to adapt
  • 80% of companies who underwent layoffs shifted roles and responsibilities

“As news and expectations of the great resignation spread, it’s more important than ever for organizations to include benefits that create career opportunities for their employees,” says Yair Riemer, CEO of INTOO. “The increased productivity experienced during the pandemic shows that diversifying skills among a workforce keeps employees engaged and interested in their jobs, which will be essential as businesses look to maintain positive momentum gained over the last year despite the economic challenges.”  


In Q2 2021, INTOO USA surveyed 236 U.S. HR professionals across job levels, years of experience, and industries, from companies of all sizes. These professionals were asked about how their organizations responded to the pandemic, how their workforces were impacted, and how employee satisfaction, productivity and engagement were affected. They were also asked about their plans for the coming year.

The Complete Study

Download the complete 2021 Workforce Trends Report to discover details about the way companies managed during the pandemic, the results of those changes, and the companies’ subsequent plans for the coming year. In every stage of the employee lifecycle, INTOO helps employers protect their brand through effective candidate experience, career mobility, and outplacement services. Contact us to learn how we can make a difference for you and your employees.

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