Career Development & Internal Mobility

Career development programming can support business goals spanning retention, and productivity—but only if the approach is tailored to address the areas that will be most meaningful for your organization and each member of your workforce individually.

INTOO Career Development does just that. We take into account your unique culture and objectives by integrating our career coaches with your team. And because each employee has their own individual goals, concerns, professional developmental needs and aspirations, our coaches address each employee accordingly. Our expert employee coaching program, supported by a suite of learning and professional development resources on an easy-to-use technology platform, creates an environment in which every employee has an opportunity to succeed within your organization.

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How does our employee career development program work?

Our one-on-one career coaching and group workshops focus both on key milestones within the employee lifecycle, and on the individual needs of each employee to help them stay motivated and maintain momentum in their jobs and career journey with your organization. Our career coaches provide employees with objective, candid, and confidential feedback and guidance on internal opportunities and areas for growth, along with a framework and professional development resources to help your employees accomplish their professional goals. If your employees can aspire, we can help them grow with you.

How does INTOO Career Development benefit your organization?

Investing in the growth of your organization, and specifically employee career development, demonstrates a commitment to building culture and employee satisfaction. It’s no secret that a focus on career advancement can drive employee retention and satisfaction, but it also offers longer term benefits, including workforce planning, talent attraction and ultimately a boost to your employer brand.

Career Mobility Coaching

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“My coach has become a valuable accountability partner—helping me to accomplish tasks I wanted to do but never made a priority—and has kept me on track over time.”
Sales Director

A female manager meets with her female employee to discuss career development.

Developing careers. Building loyalty.

Keep employees engaged and give everyone an equal opportunity to develop their careers.

Give employees the tools they need to explore their interests, skills, and ambitions.

Support managers in their responsibility to guide and coach their team members.

Employee Coaching Programs

INTOO offers professional coaching programs for teams and individuals.

Lifecycle coaching programs


Individually matched INTOO coaches support your workforce with guidance at key touch points throughout the employee lifecycle.

Emerging leaders

programming for high-potential employees and first-time managers builds confident and compassionate leaders through assessments, exploration, and soft skill-building.

Rapid impact

coaching supports new hires or current employees transitioning into a new role through promotion or job change by helping the employee understand the expectations of their new role, embrace upcoming learning opportunities and approach their onboarding period with a sense of accountability.

Executive rapid impact

coaching supports executives transitioning into a new role through promotion or job change.The program is tailored to the executive and may cover areas including communication, understanding influence, developing internal talent, motivation, leading through change, and more.

Goal setting

coaching is available for both leaders and individual contributors and focuses on setting and achieving business goals and professional development targets by developing a personalized action plan.

Executive career development

is tailored to each individual based on their perceived areas of opportunity, in addition to those identified by their coach throughout the engagement, and may cover communication, influence, developing high-performing teams, motivation, leading through change, and more.

General professional development

coaching is also available to meet individual needs, either on an ongoing basis, or as an annual employee benefit.

INTOO also delivers in-person and virtual workshops on common and trending training areas, including Change Management, Resilience, Building a Culture of Mobility, and more.

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“I appreciate that INTOO acknowledges the importance of other factors that play into one’s career path such as mindfulness, stress management, personal life management, and more.”
Program Coordinator

Employee Career Development Solutions

INTOO’s employee career development solutions deliver one-on-one career coaching alongside our comprehensive technology platform to help you increase employee engagement at scale.

Career coaches

counsel leaders and individual contributors for impactful professional development.

150,000+ upskilling and reskilling career development courses

from edX, Coursera, and Udemy build leadership and engagement across your organization.

Assessments, workshops and guides

provide practical employee career development strategies based on individual employee goals.

Customizable platform

offers configurable branding, job boards, and content, and offers easy integration with your HRIS and existing employee management systems.

Career development platform

Personalized coaching and innovative technology for meaningful career development

INTOO’s comprehensive career development and learning platform is tailored for today’s workforce and provides access to content that supports our employee coaching programs.

  • Library of online courses
  • Assessments
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Leadership development guides
  • Custom internal job board
  • Practical professional development resources

The platform can also be customized to reflect your branding, and offers upload capabilities and integrations with your existing HRIS, LMS and ATS systems to create a single access point for employee programming and learning. For leaders, our reporting portal provides metrics and insights into program engagement across your organization.

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“I just took the assessment and the results are right on the spot. It’s like reading my whole career experience through 20+ years. I would definitely recommend this to our entire group.”
Rosanna B.

“User-friendly, easy to navigate, plentiful knowledge to navigate the endless career options within my organization.”

Sarah C.

“There are good tools, tips, and opportunities for employees at every level of our organization.”

Kevin R.