INTOO’s On-Demand Coaching Wins Gold Globee® in the 2022 Disruptor Company Awards

INTOO's On-Demand Coaching Wins Gold Globee Disruptor Award in 2022 Disruptor Company Awards

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May 25, 2022


INTOO is proud to announce that The Globee® Awards, organizers of world’s premier business awards programs and business ranking lists, has named our on-demand coaching a winner of a Gold Globee® in the Annual 2022 Disruptor Company Awards. These prestigious global awards recognize disruptive technologies and innovative solutions that are transforming consumer experiences everywhere. 

As the world shifted toward a predominantly remote, virtual model, INTOO’s outplacement solution was ready to meet the needs of job seekers with a forward-thinking platform particularly suited for this scenario. The importance of this feature was made especially clear during this period; since July 2019, INTOO has seen a 29% increase in its usage. Even as the job market normalized, the increase in use of our on-demand coaching shows the continual need for the provision of career development and transition training to the unemployed in a manner that is immediate, flexible, and personalized. 

INTOO’s on-demand coaches not only provide guidance on a variety of topics relating to unemployment and job searches, but also help users get the most out of the platform by directing them to the features and resources that would be most beneficial for meeting their career transition goals, and reviewing participants’ assessment results in order to collaborate on the appropriate next steps. While on-demand coaching can support many job seekers on its own, it can also complement the guidance other professionals receive from their dedicated, matched coaches.  

Participants use the feature for training on a variety of job search techniques and resources, such as resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, setting up a job search and alerts, and offer negotiation. Coaches are also able to help guide job seekers toward which of the 150,000+ online courses (from edX, Coursera, and Udemy) offered through the outplacement platform would be most beneficial to develop the skills for the job they want. 

“The ability to respond to job seekers’ immediate questions speaks to the quality and experience of our on-demand coaches, who continually receive an average 97% satisfaction rating,” says INTOO VP of Strategy & Coaching Services, Christa Juenger. “Unemployment is a time of uncertainty for most job seekers, and the ability to reach out to a coach for instant assistance offers hope and encouragement when they need it most.”  

Judges from around the world representing a wide spectrum of industry experts participated in the judging process. 

“The new era of disruptive innovations is here. Disruptive products, services, technologies and solutions are transforming consumer experiences everywhere while consumer and end-user needs are continuously evolving.,” said San Madan, co-President of Globee Awards. “Legacy systems are not always fast enough to accept and respond to such needs.”

Disruptors are companies that have the potential and competence to displace existing solutions, companies, and even entire industries.

To be eligible to participate a business must be a privately owned company that’s operating for profit, must be independently owned and not a subsidiary, and can be located anywhere in the world.

Disruptors are highly persistent, mostly beginning from scratch without the constraints of traditionally accepted processes or business models. They use technology and modern tools to achieve end results. Disruptors do things differently and are not hindered by existing ways of industry stalwarts. They are ready to take on an enormous challenge and find solutions for biggest pain points customers experience.

See the complete list of 2022 winners here:’s outplacement program helps employees transition to new jobs through unlimited one-on-one, on-demand coaching from premier career counselors, resume reviews, and other career services. Learn more about how our outplacement program can benefit your company when you’re transitioning employees.

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