HR Trends: The Key Reads of January 2022

January 2022: This Month's Top HR Reads

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January 26, 2022


Welcome to our summary of January best reads on HR trends!

This month, hot topics included the importance of communication in hybrid and remote work environments, issues facing women in the workplace, and creating a parent-friendly workplace.

HR Trends for January 2022

Communication has changed—and become more vital—as we’ve moved to hybrid and remote work environments.

While diversity initiatives move forward, some women are hurting professionally as a result of decreased visibility and burnout.

Parents have struggled throughout the pandemic, and some employers have come up with creative solutions.

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Robyn Kern

Robyn Kern is a seasoned business writer who has written in the HR, education, technology, and nonprofit spaces. She writes about topics including outplacement, layoffs, career development, internal mobility, candidate experience, succession planning, talent acquisition, and more, with the goal of surfacing workforce trends and educating the HR community on these key topics. Her work has been featured on and

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