Career Development: The Silver Bullet for Employee Attraction, Retention and Engagement: your FREE guide.

Career development has always been integral to the success of a business through its ability to attract, engage and retain employees by investing in them and their futures. Yet owing to the seismic shifts our working lives have undergone in recent years and the added impetus by the Covid-19 pandemic – it has never been so important.

With talent becoming increasingly harder to find, organisation cannot afford to ignore the importance employees place on career development.

INTOO’s guide to career development provides detailed practical advice on how organisations, managers and employees can work together to bring career development to the forefront of your people strategy in order to drive business success – reaping the rewards at individual, team and organisation-wide level.

Download your copy of our Career Development – The Silver Bullet to Employee Attraction, Retention & Engagement here which covers:

1. Addressing the need for a renewed focus on career development
2. Preparing for change
3. The benefits of a clear career development strategy
4. The steps to effective career development
5. Re-framing your mindset