Outplacement & Career Transition Services

Whether you’re at the start of your career or you’re an employee leader, being made redundant is stressful.

At INTOO, we understand this. We also know that providing personalised and effective outplacement support makes a real difference to those affected.

It gives individuals the reassurance that they will be supported during this period of transition and encourages them to look to the future. Crucially, by showing care and consideration for talent, it also helps organisations to protect their ability to attract and retain future talent.


Our people-centric approach

We know that helping individuals to successfully transition their careers is never solely about providing processes or technology. It’s about people. It’s about developing a positive mindset, building confidence and giving people control back over their own choices. It’s taking the time to understand individual career aspirations and providing bespoke outplacement support, expert guidance, relevant tools and pragmatic advice that helps individuals to quickly reconnect with their chosen career.

Tackling your unique challenges

We build our outplacement programmes around the unique needs and challenges of each person we support. Whether individuals are looking to find a similar role, change careers, set up their own business or even plan for retirement, we take the time to understand the person and their priorities, designing effective programmes that deliver results.

Outplacement support

Our Outplacement Programmes

1-to-1 programmes

A range of personal and effective outplacement programmes aimed at all levels.

Group and onsite support

A range of group-based workshops designed to help individuals through a period of career transition.

Online support

Forming part of our outplacement programmes, INTOO4you provides individuals with 24/7 access to powerful information and tools to support them in effectively transitioning their career.

Highly Tailored, Career Transition Services

At INTOO, we understand that the impact of redundancies can be far-reaching and devastating if not handled correctly.

Our outplacement service gives your business and your people the tools required to overcome many of the challenges associated with job losses. This support can prevent a wide range of problems, from reduced mental health for workers to reputational damage to your business.

While making redundancies is never easy, unfortunately, there are times when it is simply unavoidable. However, it’s important to understand that taking action to minimise the impact of redundancy can mean the difference between success and failure for both the organisation and the individuals. That’s where INTOO comes in.

What is Outplacement?

Our team of experts has the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to make the redundancy process as painless and productive as possible for all parties. We take time to get to know your business, drilling down into the organisational culture and dynamics at play, and pinpointing where your strengths and weaknesses lie. We listen to what you and your people have to say but aren’t afraid to respectfully challenge your thinking. Once we have a deep understanding of your particular needs, we work quickly to create a bespoke suite of services that will help to create a brighter future for your business and its people.

From providing executive coaching to equip business leaders with the skills to manage change effectively to giving individuals outplacement support that encompasses everything from personal branding to interview preparation, we work with you to develop solutions that will make a tangible difference to everyone involved. We deliver our services in person, onsite and online to ensure that individuals always feel completely supported and your business stands the best chance of success.

A Game-Changing Career Transition Tool

Having access to expert insights, advice and support can make a huge difference to how people feel when transitioning careers, and to how successful they ultimately are in achieving their goals.

This is why our game-changing cloud-based tool INTOO4you is provided as one element of our outplacement services. This interactive resource covers all aspects of searching for a new job, as well as other career paths including contracting and self-employment. It empowers people to make the right choices and to take advantage of the opportunities available – and it does so in a practical, logical, and user-friendly way.

This outplacement software provides access to a variety of e-learning courses and webinars; content including podcasts, text-based modules, and videos; and research databases to assist with job searches and interview preparation.

Learn how INTOO can help develop and transition your workforce.

Why Choose INTOO Outplacement Services?

To avoid the pitfalls associated with the redundancy process, it’s imperative that employers get the professional support they need for themselves and their workforce before they take action.

By partnering with INTOO, you can give your business and your people the best possible chance of weathering the storm and coming out the other side stronger and more prepared for what lies ahead.

Services for People

International reputation

When you appoint INTOO for outplacement and career transition services, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. We’re known around the world for our commitment to delivering high quality HR solutions in a compassionate way. We’ve helped thousands of organisations and individuals through redundancy and beyond.


Our hi-touch, tailored approach

We never lose sight of what matters most – people. Our coaches, consultants and mentors listen to your individual needs and deliver solutions with a human touch. We keep our values at the heart of our services so that you feel heard, understood and respected every step of the way.

Coaching First Approach

Specialist expertise

Our experts have experience and expertise across a wide range of industries so are well positioned to support you, no matter what your line of work.

Talent Community

Scalable solutions

Whether you’re a small business or a multinational organisation, we can deliver solutions that are just right for you and your staff.


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