In order to succeed, businesses must understand the need to invest in the long-term development of their employees and their careers.
It’s important to recognise that ultimately, creating sustainable success and competitive advantage relies on the ability to attract and retain engaged, motivated and resilient talent.

As a business, this means supporting employees at all levels to identify what success looks like for them, both now and into the future, equipping them with the know-how to continually evolve and enhance their skills and keep themselves and your business moving forward.

That’s where INTOO steps in.

Career Development
  • Our career development programmes create climates where talent shines.
  • We build the capability of managers, honing in on techniques and utilising tools that will transform the impact of career conversations within your organisation.
  • We equip employees with the necessary skills, tools and knowledge needed to proactively and confidently manage and develop successful and fulfilling careers with you.


Our career development services are designed to help your employees to better understand their career aspirations and drivers, providing them with the necessary tools to turn them into reality and helping them realise their true potential. In doing so, not only will your employees feel engaged and motivated, but it will ultimately allow your business to continue to thrive and succeed.

At INTOO, we appreciate that a “one-size-fits-all” approach simply won’t cut it. That’s why we offer a range of services within our career development programme so that you pick and choose what works best for you. Our services include:

One-to-one coaching programmes

Structured programmes that help individuals to recognise their strengths, future career aspirations and develop a clear career plan to achieve their objectives. Career coaching programmes can be delivered to fit around an individuals schedule or through on-site ‘career clinic’ days and will develop the skills and confidence needed to drive their career forwards.

Career development workshops

Personalised, interactive and engaging workshops that help individuals unlock their personal potential and enable people managers to unleash the potential of their teams. Workshops are typically run over a single day, however if a modular approach is required we can segment the material into subsequent workshops that focus on specific elements of career development.

Effective career conversations coaching for managers

We build the capability of your managers, sharing techniques to transform the impact of career conversations within your organisation, leading to improved succession planning and creating an environment where talent thrives.

INTOO4You career development portal

Available as part of a larger career development programme or a stand alone tool, INTOO4you provides employees with 24/7 access to everything they need to manage their careers. From interactive career and skills assessments to thousands of eLearning courses, INTOO4you puts employees firmly in the driving seat of their development.



When your employees are eager to move forward in their careers, as a manager it can be challenging to know how to help them reach their full potential. It’s important that your workforce have the room and confidence to grow within their roles, as well as the opportunities to achieve even greater success throughout the organisation – and it all starts with you.

As career paths become more complex, regular and meaningful conversations between managers and employees become increasingly important. Concentrating on improving confidence and capability, we share insights into generational expectations and motivators to provide managers with the tools and techniques to ensure every conversation is a great one.

Our services can help support all levels of managers, from individuals taking on their first managerial role to highly experienced managers at a senior level. We provide the coaching and mentoring needed to help any manager harness the full potential of their people.

Career Development
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It’s no surprise that individuals who actively manage their careers are more engaged, more resilient and more adaptable. With a focus on ‘career ownership’, our programmes encourage individuals to align their personal career aspirations with business needs to provide them with the confidence and knowledge to proactively seek out opportunities to develop fulfilling and meaningful careers, realise their potential and contribute to ongoing business success.

By using our career development services, we can help you build a more resilient, agile and engaged workforce. We can show employees how to gain control and hone their skills so that they’re poised and ready for whatever your business demands of them.


As part of our services, we offer INTOO4you – our innovative and interactive cloud-based career tool. Available 24/7, this platform is designed to support individuals in furthering their careers, providing you with useful information that’s structured in a logical, practical way.

For managers, INTOO4you allows you to track employee progress, as well as gain a better understanding of their strengths, career preferences and development areas. INTOO4you can not only help boost the confidence, knowledge and skills of your employees, but it can assist managers in guiding individuals in your workforce to make the right decisions when it comes to their careers.

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At INTOO, we’re committed to providing our clients with a highly tailored approach to career development programmes. When you choose us, we will take the time to understand your specific needs and the challenges you face so that we can offer solutions that allow you to achieve long-lasting results.

We recognise that situations can change, and we’re willing to adapt with you so that you can get the most out of our services. We’re straightforward in our approach, avoiding complications so that we can provide you with a range of suitable options that are the best fit for you, your employees and your business.


For more information about how our employee development services can help you achieve the results you want, don’t hesitate to get in touch with INTOO today. Our services are available throughout the UK, Ireland and internationally.


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