Equip your leaders with the skills needed to thrive, enabling them to continuously drive high organisational and employee performance


  • Business today is demanding and rapidly changing and this is mirrored in the role of a leader. To continuously drive high organisational and employee performance, effective leadership is crucial, however great leadership doesn’t happen by chance, it requires development of a complex range of skills and behaviours to succeed.

  • INTOO’s leadership suite is designed to address the challenges leaders face. Whether that is ensuring an organisation achieves and surpasses its objectives, maintains employee moral in both the good times and the bad or creates environments where everyone feels able to and willing to give their best.


Communicating & influencing

For any leader wishing to hone their skills

Leader as coach

A foundational coaching programme for any leader

What is leadership?

For early leaders or as a refresher for any leader

Leading change

For early leaders or as a refresher for any leader

Developing strategy

For experienced leaders who shape functional or business strategy.


It takes considerable experience and expertise to be a successful business coach and to quickly build the trust and confidence needed to challenge organisational thinking and bring new ideas into the mix. As well as real business experience, all of our coaches are certified by globally recognised coaching bodies including the ICF, AC and eMCC. To ensure best results every time, they employ a wide range of methodologies and techniques – enabling them to tailor their services to match the unique requirements of your business and people.

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Across all our services, from business coaching to mentoring, career development, change management and more, we offer certain key values that you can rely on to deliver results for your business. For example, our services are:



We know that no two businesses’ needs are the same when it comes to coaching requirements, which is why we tailor our programmes to match the precise requirements of our clients. We also take the time to understand the unique qualities of the individuals within organisations, crafting approaches that enable them to truly fulfil their potential.

Award Winning Platform


Put simply, when we commit to doing something, we deliver. Our team of experts always goes above and beyond to ensure expectations are exceeded. We won’t let you down.

Coaching First Approach


As an HR consultancy, we pride ourselves on getting to the point quickly and effectively, and offering simple, pragmatic solutions to complex problems.

Services for People


Our team is creative and curious, always looking to take advantage of the very latest innovations to drive business performance and growth.

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