Career Evolution: have we come full circle with a twist?

Date : Tuesday 11th October 2022

Timing : 12:00pm – 3:30pm

Location : Birmingham, West Midlands

Our working lives have seen significant change over the last 3 years – something that looks almost certain to continue. Helping our employees manage their career development has therefore never been more important
given its key role in attracting, engaging and retaining employees.

Individuals are increasingly seeking flexible roles that build their skills base and can give them exposure to a wide range of experiences, thereby enhancing their value and employability. It’s a challenging time for employers – many of who are having to reimagine how the relationship between employer and employee needs to evolve.

We hosted a HR Leaders Roundtable to discuss the ever increasing focus and importance on careers and the drivers and challenges organisations are facing today.

With the focus very much on retention of employees, ‘career’ is the golden thread that connects an employee’s choices; whether that leads to internal development, resignation, retirement, a change of perspective or a
differing relationship with one’s work, options choices and challenges abound in respect of ‘what’ careers are and ‘how’ we, as employers need to respond.

This was an interactive discussion over a three-course lunch, allowing attendees to share challenges and ideas in an open and supportive environment.

We are currently planning our next event – so watch this space!