How Change & Resilience Services Can Support Financial Service Organisations Going Through Change

Our client was about to experience a sustained period of change as a result of several mergers, acquisitions and divestments all planned across a relatively short period of time. Given the sizeable disruption to ‘normal business activities’, they had identified that both leaders and employees across the organisation would be in need of support to help them more effectively manage the change itself, support their teams and build their own resilience ahead of what were likely to be difficult and challenging times.

What did INTOO do?

Working with the clients senior HR team, INTOO were asked to deliver a two-stage support programme. The first, delivered through a series of facilitated workshops, saw divisional leaders and people managers come together to discuss the changes and the likely impact on the people within their teams. Advice and guidance around the impact of change on organisations was shared by experienced INTOO coaches – how change evolved, typical impacts upon people engagement and performance and how leaders could map a path through the changes in order to achieve success once the disruption had abated. All leaders were offered the option of a small number of dedicated 1:1 coaching support hours to help them personally navigate any specific issues they may have encountered.

The second stage involved running a series of ½ and 1-day workshops aimed at helping team members ‘Deal with Change’. These sessions were designed to help individuals understand the change, what impact it may have on them and their role and to adopt appropriate coping strategies in order to deal with any turbulence.

What was the outcome?

Organisationally the ‘change impact’ was minimised with leaders and employees feeling more comfortable with the change process and more able to deal with consequences arising – whether that be TUPE transfers, internal role realignment, redeployment or, in a small number of cases exiting the business. Feedback was positive and the INTOO team were thanked by senior management for helping create an environment where change was not to be feared but to be embraced as a natural part of the organisation evolution.

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