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No two individuals are the same. Leadership styles, challenges and personalities are all distinctly different, yet one objective most people have in common is the need to deliver results whilst juggling multiple priorities.

In today’s ever changing business world, this challenge requires leaders who are adept and skilled at managing both the now and future, as well as being motivated to deliver extraordinary results, both personally and for your organisation.

  • Our executive coaching programmes provide individuals with the opportunity to pause so they can focus on the broader picture.
  • We work with you to enhance the capabilities of your leaders and high performers to deliver extraordinary results.
  • Ultimately, we can help transform performance and drive lasting results for you and your business.
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What to expect from our executive coaching services

Drawing on the principles of ‘Respira Vita’, Italian for ‘breathing new life’, our highly personalised Executive Coaching programmes provide one-to-one support from accredited executive coaches skilled at helping leaders develop personal strategies to enhance their performance, reinvigorate their energy whilst ensuring impactful outcomes for the business.

Coaching Development areas

Our executive coaching programmes will help leaders to grow and learn in more ways than one, making them more confident, effective leaders to not only provide satisfaction on a personal level, but impact the entire organisation too.

Our executive coaching programmes can address a range of development areas:

Setting improved goals

We help you to identify what you want to achieve in the long and short term and assist you in creating ambitious but achievable goals that will move you towards success.

Challenging individuals to think and behave differently to stretch their abilities

Our coaching programme puts each individual to the test, encouraging them to think outside the box and hone their skills in order to stretch themselves to the limit.

Working smarter; focusing on their priorities to increase organisational impact

We focus on your priorities so that we can not only make an impact with your leaders, but with your entire organisation too. We work smart to get the results you want.

Fine-tuning their leadership tools and provide support, structure and in some cases direction

We provide support every step of the way, helping your leaders fine-tune the skills they already have. With our direction, your leaders can excel in their roles for success now and into the future.


At INTOO, we’re dedicated to providing highly tailored executive coaching programmes, and there are a number of reasons why you should choose our services.

Our Coaching bench

The strength of our coaching bench. Our experts have the necessary tools, knowledge and experience to provide high quality coaching across your business.


Our ability to report on themes. From leadership styles to setting goals, we take everything into consideration to ensure your personnel are making progress in the areas that matter.


Honest feedback on an individual’s receptiveness to coaching before assignment starts. We take the time to get to know you, your leaders and your business. We’re transparent from the get-go and appreciate your opinions so that we can tailor your programme to suit you.

Tangible results

Our unwavering commitment to delivering tangible results. We make it our mission to provide solutions that will make a noticeable difference to your business.


In-depth consultation to understand coaching requirements. We’re strong believers that a “one-size-fits-all” isn’t enough. Instead, we listen to what you’ve got to say so we can provide a programme that will work for you.

Review sessions

Post-coaching review sessions to ensure individuals continue to embed learning. We offer our support from start to finish and beyond from our expert team of executive coaches.

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