Leadership Development Services

Creating the right environments where talent and teams thrive requires skilled and effective leaders who are able to engage, motivate and drive performance for exceptional results. Organisations who recognise the importance of the role of leader don’t leave anything to chance.

Whether building their pipeline of future leaders or looking at how they can further enhance the performance of their current leaders, they invest in their development; understanding that leadership is a journey where skills need to continually evolve.

Our Leadership Development Coaching programmes are tailored to meet the needs of your organisation, whether that be developing the skills of emerging leaders or providing existing leaders with a safe environment to evolve their current leadership style and approach.

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    What to expect

    Drawing on the principles of ‘Respira Vita’, Italian for ‘breathing new life’, our highly personalised Leadership Development Coaching programmes provide one-to-one support from accredited executive coaches skilled at helping leaders develop personal strategies to enhance their performance, focus their energy whilst ensuring impactful outcomes for the business.

    Areas of focus can include

    Leadership skills
    Effective leadership styles
    Resolving conflict
    Driving performance
    Strengthening inter-company relations
    Problem solving

    Why INTOO?

    • The strength of our coaching bench
    • Our ability to report on themes
    • Honest feedback on an individual’s receptiveness to coaching before assignment starts
    • Our unwavering commitment to delivering tangible results
    • In-depth consultation to understand coaching requirement
    • Post coaching review sessions to ensure individuals continue to embed learning