Team Coaching & Training

High performing teams work as a system, aligned around a set of clear objectives or goals to deliver exceptional results, as opposed to a disparate group of individuals. They understand how to work effectively together to deliver results, repeatedly.

Whether well-established or newly formed, senior leaders or a group of employees brought together to focus on a specific project, our team coaching programmes enable teams to raise their collective game.

We concentrate on the team as a whole; the individual needs of each team member, the overall mission and purpose of the team, team dynamics and culture, barriers to success and interpersonal dependencies to improve team cohesion and performance.

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    What to expect

    Delivered by INTOO’s accredited executive coaches experienced in building exceptional team performance and drawing on the principles of ‘Respira Vita’, Italian for ‘Breathing new life’, our team coaching programmes identify the success factors needed for developing the positive team culture essential for high performing teams

    Our Team Coaching Programmes

    Improve team dynamics and working relationships
    Drive more effective communications and team cohesion
    Increase the team’s ability to strategize and innovate, impacting the performance of the wider organisation
    Provide greater alignment and clarity between the company’s vision/mission and how the team will deliver it
    Build resilience
    Reduce conflict

    Why INTOO?

    • The strength of our coaching bench
    • Our ability to report on themes
    • Honest feedback on an individual’s receptiveness to coaching before assignment starts
    • Our unwavering commitment to delivering tangible results
    • In-depth consultation to understand coaching requirement
    • Post coaching review sessions to ensure individuals continue to embed learning