INTOO Future World of Work Report

In 2017 INTOO commissioned a survey that gauged employee attitudes to ‘the future world of work’. In 2022, we revisit this research alongside a new survey in order to look at how change has manifested itself and how employees perceive the future. Ongoing technological advances, an increasing demand for ‘flexible working’ bought about by the Covid pandemic, a changed political landscape, a worker shortage and an increased focus on inclusivity and diversity have all impacted – and continue to impact – upon our relationship with work. Our 2017 survey results revealed most of these factors however all now have far more prominence than 5 years ago.

Yet the need for talent with the right skills has always remained.

Equally, against an ever-increasing pace of change, shifting social values, a lack of available talent and a potential significant economic downturn, growing demands will be placed upon an organisation’s ability to quickly evaluate what these changes mean for both their people and their business and prepare accordingly. INTOO has commissioned this independent survey to assess the preparedness among UK organisations for the future world of work. Its aim is to analyse the likely impact of this new technology on businesses and their people. To help identify the measures that should be taken to embrace the opportunities presented – and overcome the challenges faced.

Download your free copy of our report below to gain access to industry-leading insight into the ‘Future World of Work’ and what it means for your organisation.