HR Magazine: Employees continue overworking in third lockdown

With the UK stuck in it’s third lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic, employees are already at risk of further burnout, even though many professionals have only just returned from their Christmas break. Research has found that 52% of UK workers mentioned doing more hours in a week when working from home, with 49% saying they are working until late more often than if they were working from the office. Even more strikingly, those who reported working extra hours were working, on average, an additional 5 hours and 54 minutes more every week.

Looking ahead, it’s vital that employers continue to look after their staff by ensuring they aren’t at risk of burnout, as in the long-term this can negatively impact work output and productivity.

Find out how your organisation can combat the potential of your staff overworking during the third UK lockdown in the article featured in HR Magazine, ‘Employees continue overworking in third lockdown’.

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Greedy (2021) “Employees continue overworking in third lockdown”. HR Magazine, (08/01/2021)