Inclusion – the new competitive advantage

A diverse group of people sitting with their back to the camera and arms around one another

Join INTOO at June’s London HR Connection event for a panel-led debate on the topical issue of what HR can do to help the disadvantaged and disenfranchised in our community whilst, simultaneously, boosting their own diverse talent pools.

Employers are increasingly looking in new directions to find more diverse professional talent, filling skills gaps and making their organisations more flexible, successful and great places to work.  We will be looking at how inclusive employers are successfully removing and reducing barriers for disabled people in the workplace and sharing good practice ideas which people can take away and use in their own organisations. We will also be considering the plight of other, often disenfranchised, adult groups such as refugees, career returnees and ex-military and discussing how to best create pathways for diverse job seekers and new talent.

The panel will be made up of four, eminently qualified professions including:

Graeme Whippy, MBE, business disability consultant currently working at Channel 4, Adelaide Veyre de Garrigues, Head of Resource Supply Chain for the Apps business unit of Capgemini, Jane Hatton, founder of Evenbreak, a social enterprise run by disabled people for disabled people and Sheila Heard, founder and Managing Director of Transitions, a social enterprise Community Interest Company.

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