INTOO Future World of Work Report 2024

Welcome to INTOO’s 3rd ‘Future World of Work’ Research Study: ‘Work: How, Where, When & Why?’.

As we continue our research journey from 2017 through 2022 and now into 2024, we are excited to share our latest insights into the trends shaping the UK workforce.

The lingering effects of the pandemic have cast a long shadow, embedding changes in our working lives that were once unimaginable. However, rather than merely reacting to the circumstances, we see COVID-19 as an accelerant, amplifying the already diverse perspectives on ‘work’ and how individuals engage with it.

Through our research, we identify four principal factors driving these perspectives: generative artificial intelligence (Ai), an ageing workforce, developing social constructs, and a changing business focus. Each of these factors prompts individuals to re-examine their ‘relationship with work’, leading to a fundamental shift in how employers must position and organise work-related activities.

For organisations capable of responding flexibly and proactively to these evolving demands, the future holds promise. Despite the changes, work remains a vital aspect of personal identity for the majority of employees, with a keen desire to excel and engage with their employers in ways that may differ significantly from the past.

To gain deeper insights into the ‘Future World of Work’ and its implications for your organisation, we invite you to download the report now using the form below.