The Muse: Signs of Burnout to Look out for in Colleagues and Yourself at Work

Woman experiencing burnout at work, looking tired and frustrated.

In order to work to the best of your ability, it is important to understand that every so often, all employees can be at risk of burnout. This can creep up on you in the form of low energy, or even materialise suddenly as a result of something irritating you. However this occurs, it will affect your work, which is why we recommend that you read this article by Stacey Lastoe at The Muse.

Highlighting 19 signs to look for in people who need to take a sick day, Lastoe will help you identify burnout in yourself and your teams, which in turn will allow HR to assist employees in need of support.

Find the article here:

Lastoe, S. “19 Signs You Need to Take a Day Off ASAP (or Risk Serious Burnout)”, The Muse.