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Becoming a parent is a wonderful experience. However, research shows that many new parents and in particular mothers leave their role shortly after returning from maternity leave. We don’t believe this should be the case, and with the right support, working parents can continue to have successful and fulfilling careers.  Our maternity and parental coaching programme supports working parents before, during and after their maternity or parental leave, helping them to successfully manage their transition back to work and helping you to retain key talent.

  • Our one-to-one maternity and parental coaching programmes are designed to help individuals navigate their career journeys as new parents by not only supporting the emotional, psychological and practical aspects of being a new parent, but helping them to address what this looks like within the context of their careers when they return to work
  • We work closely with both the organisation and the individual to deliver outcomes which help manage expectations for both parties and to align business and personal needs. Our coaching programme follows four key stages of support covering, before leave begins, during leave, returning to work and post return. Find out more about each stage below.
  • By engaging expectant mothers and parents early on in the process, research has shown that there is an increase in retention and re-engagement. We recommend that the coaching programmes begin in the month preceding maternity or parental leave, continues throughout the leave period (working closely with the individual to fit around their schedule and availability) and then continues once they have returned to work.
  • For the purposes of imbedding the coaching and ensuring new parents continue to feel engaged and supported we recommend an additional one hour of coaching nine months after their return.
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The four key stages of support

Pre-Maternity or Parental Leave

Professional Preparation for Parenthood

A tri-party meeting with the expectant mother or parent to establish focus and expectations which will assist the individual in preparing for parenthood and complete a successful professional handover for a smooth transition.

Maternity or Parental Leave

Keeping in Touch

It is crucial to stay psychologically engaged with the organisation and establish priorities so career and personal plans are aligned which involves preparing for ‘keeping-in-touch’ days allowing open and honest discussions regarding career planning and potential return to work.

Post-Maternity or Parental Leave


Returning to work in a professional and effective manner increases confidence and manages expectations by implementing boundaries and review discussions around career planning.

9 months on

Maintaining Momentum

Establishing milestones 9-18 months on ensuring to check in periodically to support with any additional career plans/concerns.

Our coaches

Any coaching programme has to deliver results for both the individual and the organisation. We understand this. That’s why we only work with coaches who have extensive business experience and hold accreditations with globally recognised coaching bodies including: the ICF, AC and EMCC.


It takes experience and expertise to be a coach and quickly build the trust and confidence needed to challenge thinking and bring new ideas into the mix. It also requires extensive knowledge of multiple coaching frameworks, and the ability to quickly identify the most relevant methodology for achieving desired results.

Why Choose INTOO?

The strength of our coaching bench

Our prioritisation of ‘coach matching’ essential to successful coaching

Our unwavering commitment to delivering tangible results

Our ability to report on themes

In-depth consultation to understand coaching requirement

Honest feedback on an individual’s receptiveness to coaching before assignment starts

Post coaching review sessions to ensure individuals continue to embed learning


Learn more about how our coaching and career development services could help you. Simply get in touch with our friendly and experienced team. We would be delighted to answer your questions and give you further information.

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