INTOO4You Outplacement Software

INTOO4you is our powerful, interactive and intuitive cloud based career transition tool.
Forming part of our outplacement programmes, INTOO4you is designed to support individuals in effectively transitioning their career, covering all aspects of job search and other career paths such as self-employment and contracting as well as personal branding.
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Accessible 24/7, INTOO4you provides powerful information structured in a logical and practical way. Covering a multitude of areas from helping individuals build their career and personal awareness to helping them better understand their strengths, development areas and career preferences, INTOO4you boosts confidence, knowledge and skills enabling individuals to make the right decisions about their careers or next move.

Key features

  • 24/7 access to support
  • INTOO4you app allows you to track your progress, complete e-learning modules or apply for roles on the move
  • Content delivered through a wide range of media including video, podcasts as well as text based modules
  • Over 500 e-learning courses and webinars
  • Job market access
  • Research databases to support with your job search and interview preparation
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Introducing INTOO4You

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