Personal branding: It’s more than self-promotion

Personal Branding

Join INTOO at September’s London HR Connection event when Jennifer Holloway, one of the UK’s leading experts in personal branding, will explain why when it comes to personal branding, profile raising is just part of the equation, the bigger part – gaining clarity and confidence from understanding your personal brand in the first place.

Particularly for those with a highly technical background who, when they find themselves promoted to a leadership role, can struggle to connect with their teams in a personal way, instead of a purely technical one.

This was the case when Jennifer was approached by Susannah Paxton at Bupa to work with its finance and actuarial teams to help them strike the balance between conveying not just what they know, but who they are.

In this session Jennifer and Susannah will discuss the objectives that were set, that action that was taken and the outcomes that occurred.

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