The employee voice at BP

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As HR professionals and business leaders we know employee voice matters; whether to build trust between employees and executive committees, to crowdsource future-proofing innovations in process and systems or to drive autonomy and effective decision making.

But given its importance, how do organisations ensure they are listening as effectively as possible? Increasingly, the answer from the employee engagement sector is by doing ‘more’. More voice. More surveys. More often. But is more always the right answer? What expectations does it set for the employees constantly being asked their view? And what pressures does it place on central HR and operations functions to act?

Join INTOO for the first London HR connection event of 2019, when BP’s Laura Hammett will address these questions head on. We will hear first-hand from Laura the lessons learned from running employee research on everything from an annual to a weekly basis; sharing the benefits, and pitfalls, of continuous listening to show when giving your employees a voice uncovers critical signals for the health of your organisation – and when it’s just noise. Laura will be joined in conversation by James Tarbit who is a senior director at Karian and Box, the leading employee engagement and experience agency.

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