Forbes: Think about 2021 Goal-Setting differently

Most of us felt the turn of the year would bring a period of hope and positivity, with many looking forward to a completely fresh start. We are now two weeks into 2021, and in many ways, it all feels very similar to last year. 

Whilst we still have to wait for any major improvements to our daily lives, this year is still opportunity to take a new perspective on our future prospects, career choices and find out exactly who we want to be. Setting goals this year is important if you want to see real growth this year, with 2020 forcing us to reset and completely change the way we live our lives.

This article, ‘Think about 2021 Goal-Setting differently‘, featured in Forbes, discusses why goal-setting should be one of your key priorities, and why you should be looking at setting your long-term goals from a completely different angle this year.

Read the full article here:–differently/?sh=146388be33cb.


Michelson (2020) “Think about 2021 Goal-Setting differently”. Forbes, (23/12/2020).