FREE Webinar for Senior Business Leaders: Turning Uncertainty Into Competitive Advantage

FREE WEBINAR: Turning Uncertainty into Competitive Advantage. Webinar held September 14th, 2021, at 10AM

Date : Tuesday 14 Sep 2021

Timing : 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Location : Webinar

Change and uncertainty are ongoing, yet we still strive for certainty – trying to create solutions that ‘fix’ our problems. If we are to thrive, we need to let go and recognise the opportunities that uncertainty can bring in terms of innovation, development, and competitive advantage.

This free introductory 90-minute webinar introduced the concept of safe uncertainty and the development of antifragility. This approach allows us to reframe our relationship with uncertainty. Creating an environment that leverages the tension of uncertainty to become more agile, creative, and achieving sustainable business performance.

Feeling safe is a need, a prerequisite for creative thinking and a growth mindset
Feeling certain is a preference and can limit creativity and innovation – Porter & Davis 2019

Led by INTOO’s Owen Morgan and Moonstone’s Business Coaches, Andrew Porter and Jan Davis, the webinar focused on:

1. An understanding of the concept and mind-set of leading without certainty or solutions
2. Develop a pragmatic approach that uses uncertainty as a catalyst for growth
3. Highlighted techniques for:
• Enhancing and maintaining individual, team and organisational performance
• Shifting cultures to hybrid and/or new operating regimes
• Leading organisation and teams for sustainable change

Rewatch this video and learn how to harness uncertainty for sustainable growth here.