Webinar: The future of mobility and career development

The future of mobility

In this fast changing, complex world, organisations must focus on retaining top talent and creating a continuous learning culture to ensure the workforce is prepared for, and aligned to, the future of the business. HR leaders can benefit from implementing an internal mobility strategy.

Join us, alongside our global partner, Career Star Group,  for this webinar and panel discussion to gain awareness of the benefits of internal mobility in your organisation. HR leaders will learn how to develop talent retention strategies, practices and methodologies to enable business agility, alignment to business goals and positive evolution throughout the organisation.

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This webinar will introduce you to the following concepts:

  • The future of redeployment, technological capabilities, planning and strategy
  • The benefits of redeployment for the organisation; talent retention, career development, employee experience
  • The importance of creating a continuous learning culture within organisations
  • Reskilling, coaching and mentoring

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