What does it take to be an entrepreneur? And how can you recruit and retain them?

Entrepreneurial business woman

Venue: Cass Business School, 106 Bunhill Row, London, EC1Y 8TZ

Most organisations talk about wanting to become more entrepreneurial; but are they really geared up to employ them? Or are entrepreneurs by nature unemployable in the corporate world?

Join INTOO at April’s London HR Connection event where we will be joined by the highly successful entrepreneur James Eder – founder of established brands including Student Beans and Causr. James will share his own personal perspectives on what it means to be an entrepreneur and help us answer questions such as:

  • Are entrepreneurs born or made? Is it a set of trainable skills?
  • What do organisations need to do to attract and retain entrepreneurs? Or will they inevitably end up running their own business?
  • How can businesses foster a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation?

Helping bring a different perspective, James will leave us with some tangible ideas and examples of what you can do to make a difference and how a bit of innovation can go a long way.  The session will include a story of his entrepreneurial journey so far as well as a number of exercises to really get you into the entrepreneurial mindset.

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