How Maternity and Parental Services Helps Support Expectant Mothers/Parents within the Workforce

Parental Coaching

Coaching really does have a massive positive impact on the individuals and organisations we work with and can do the same for you and your organisation too.

INTOO want to give you a clear insight into the powerful results that our MATERNITY & PARENTAL COACHING Service delivers, however we need to protect the confidentiality of our client, so this example has been adapted respectably.

Recognising the need to support its employees, a global fast food company has partnered with INTOO to help identify various challenges within the organisation. One of the key challenges identified was a retention issue with expectant mothers and parents. Our client highlighted that a proportion of new parents and in particular mothers were leaving their role shortly after returning from maternity leave. This was causing huge concern with our client not to mention the costs involved with recruiting and training new talent as a result.

Having identified the key challenges, we highlighted the benefits of adopting maternity and parental coaching programmes to support its employees. Our one-to-one maternity and parental coaching programmes were designed to help these individuals navigate their career journeys as new parents by not only supporting the emotional, psychological and practical aspects of being a new parent, but helping them to address what this looks like within the context of their careers when they return to work.

Our ongoing support is helping these employees before, during and after their maternity or parental leave, helping them to successfully manage their transition back to work. By re-framing the life changing event for expectant mothers and parents, they have been asked to imagine how they would build a career with the global fast food company as a working mother/parent. This new perspective allowed the individuals to see around the challenges presented which filled this area of their life. Initial feedback indicates the employees are starting to think of many ways to build a successful and fulfilling career within the global fast food company while juggling parental responsibilities.

Currently 3 months in to the maternity and parental coaching programmes, we are working closely with both the organisation and the individuals to deliver outcomes which help manage expectations for both parties and to align business and personal needs, ultimately increasing attraction and retention and reducing time spent on recruitment and training costs. With our support, these working parents will continue to have successful and fulfilling careers within the global fast food company.