CP 575 form

What Is a CP 575 Form?

A CP 575 Form is an official notice the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued to confirm the successful registration of a new business’s Employer Identification Number (EIN). This nine-digit number acts like a social security number for businesses. It is used for various tax and financial purposes, such as filing taxes, opening bank accounts, and applying for permits.

The CP 575 includes vital details such as the entity’s legal name, EIN, and the date the EIN was assigned, offering official documentation of the entity’s tax identification credentials as recognized by the IRS. Essentially, the CP 575 form serves as official documentation that the IRS has assigned your business an EIN.

How Long Does It Take to Get a CP 575 From the IRS? 

The time it takes to receive your CP 575 form (EIN confirmation letter) depends on the method you used to apply for your EIN:

  • Online: If you apply for an EIN online, you’ll receive a digital copy immediately upon successful registration.
  • Fax: Submitting the application by fax typically results in a confirmation fax with your EIN within four business days. However, if you don’t include a return fax number, it can take up to two weeks.
  • Mail: Applying through the mail is the slowest option. You can expect to receive your CP 575 form via mail within four to five weeks after the IRS processes your application.

Note: These are estimated timeframes, and processing times can vary depending on the IRS workload. When choosing the application method, it’s crucial to plan accordingly and consider the urgency of needing your EIN.

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