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INTOO’s outplacement services connect laid-off employees with career coaches faster with unlimited coaching to accelerate time to land.

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Career Transition Services

As career transition specialists, our focus on high-quality coaching and technology innovation enables you to protect your brand and bottom line while providing the career-changing outplacement services your employees deserve, at a savings of up to 60%.

  • INTOO outplacement accelerates the path to meaningful employment opportunity through immediate and on-demand access to personalized guidance from expert career coaches
  • INTOO’s career coaching is unlimited and available 7 days a week until landing

Explore the INTOO outplacement coaching difference

One-on-One Outplacement Coaching,
7 Days a Week

This means access to resume writers, interview coaching, networking advice and more, every day—including Saturday and Sunday.

Comprehensive and Personalized

Personalized support

Coaching First Approach

Unlimited coaching hours

Award Winning Platform

7 days a week

“Far and away, the instant video chat with a coach was my favorite feature. The fact that you don’t have to schedule—they’re just there. I mean, it’s amazing. They’re really there within seconds.”
Cheryl S.
Landed an opportunity with Saks OFF5th

“After revamping my resume and LinkedIn profile with my coach’s help, I scheduled six interviews with five companies in five days—it was unbelievable.”

Will W.
Landed an opportunity with Wiley

Flexible solutions

for your employees, employer brand, and bottom line

  • Multiple levels of career transition support—each with a minimum of 6 months of service—enables you to give employees the motivation and support they need without sacrificing quality or employer brand protection.
  • While the complexity of other providers’ programs make choosing the right options difficult, our outplacement services make it easy with coaching that adapts to individuals’ needs as they engage.
  • We know that no two job seekers are the same. That’s why we ensure they receive individually tailored advice and guidance to help them achieve their personal career transition objectives.

Award-winning platform and expert support

for HR leaders and impacted employees

  • Your dedicated Client Success Team is available to support your organization before, during, and after workforce change events.
  • We provide job seekers with access to millions of job listings, a variety of assessments, on-demand access to upskilling and reskilling courses, video interview preparation technology, and other innovative tools that maximize each employee’s unique career transition opportunities and accelerate landing time.
  • INTOO’s reporting dashboard puts outplacement program results at your fingertips to provide a clear line of sight into results.

Better results

with candidates landing 2.5X faster

  • Strategic and consultative career coaching offers the quickest path to meaningful career change—that’s why our outplacement participants receive unlimited, individualized, one-on-one coaching 7 days a week.
  • Our career coaches receive a 97% satisfaction rating from job seekers on resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile writing, in addition to career transition coaching on interview strategies, salary negotiations and more.
  • INTOO’s established global coach program supports your transitioning workforce with outplacement services in 102 countries.

Comprehensive outplacement service

available to more employees

  • Unlike traditional outplacement service providers, INTOO saves on high overhead costs and invests in innovation and unlimited coaching to deliver an affordable solution that can be given to more—if not all—employees.
  • Our award-winning outplacement program provides personalized support to individuals impacted by layoffs, ranging from senior executives to non-exempt hourly employees. With INTOO as your career transition specialist, no one is left behind.
  • This comprehensive approach serves to better protect your company’s reputation and provide support to employees who have historically often been overlooked in times of transition.

Onboarding on your schedule

 for fast access to career transition services

  • We make accessing outplacement services quick and easy so that you and your employees can experience INTOO outplacement coaching benefits as soon as possible.
  • Each client’s timeline is structured according to their specific needs. Typical onboarding takes just two days, and we can complete implementation in just a few hours if there is an urgent need.
  • Job seekers have immediate access to our service and our coaches once you have communicated the benefit to them.

“We use INTOO Outplacement to help employees find their next step. We have found that it’s been a positive way of showing people that we really want to support them. We want them to be successful, even if that’s not with us, which helps to create a more positive exit.”
Jennifer Fisher
Director of People and Culture, ISTS

“We wanted to show employees that we are invested in their future, and we wanted to do everything we could to support them moving forward. By offering outplacement, we were able to tell employees: ‘This is a support system that is exclusively here to support you. Yes, we chose INTOO, but they’re not in it for us. This is for you.’”

Tess L.
Human Resources Manager, KBD

Man in glasses coaches a job seeker virtually.

How does outplacement work?

If you were to offer outplacement in your business, how exactly would it work?

Outplacement services are a key part of building a supportive severance package. In addition to monetary and benefit components, these career transition services help guide your impacted employees forward to their next opportunity. Outplacement is provided by you as the employer, and isn’t something your employees should look for independently.

Once you’ve found an outplacement firm, you can expect to be able to roll the program out within days if the need is imminent. You will be assigned a client success manager, who will work closely with you and your leadership teams to effectively and compassionately roll out services to your impacted employees.

Employees should have the ability to immediately engage with career coaches from day one in order to jump-start their job search. Career coaches will be matched to each individual job seeker for personalized job search plan development and guidance. Traditionally, outplacement was offered in-person. But today, it’s important to find outplacement providers who are experts in virtual outplacement delivery for coaching and job seeker resources.

An outplacement provider should also deliver reporting to help you understand program ROI.

Why Is Outplacement Important?

There are four main benefits of outplacement; it can strengthen brand reputation, particularly during hard times, reduce business costs and help to create a positive company culture. These are some of the positive impacts it can have on your business. Most importantly, though, it provides career transition support for exiting employees at a time when they need it most.

Why invest in outplacement?

Employers view outplacement as an investment that yields many results:

  • increases the likelihood of rehiring once laid-off employees
  • protects employer brand and reputation
  • mitigates the risk of litigation

However, as our recent Outplacement Survey revealed, the #1 reason that employers offer outplacement is the desire to do the right thing.

Stronger brand reputation

Layoffs are a vulnerable time for a brand. Exiting employees, if they feel they’ve been treated poorly, can publicly share their opinions about your company on Glassdoor and social media. In fact, INTOO’s Employer Branding Study found 66% of people choose to share their poor layoff experiences with others.

Offering outplacement to departing employees and supporting them at a challenging time in their careers can help prevent online backlash. If laid-off workers leave feeling that your company did its best to help them, you will be better able to mitigate long-term damage to your company’s reputation.

Reduce business costs

Brand reputation has a powerful effect on your bottom line. For one, a positive brand reputation attracts and retains customers, while a negative one repels them. Our Employer Branding Study found 64% of consumers have stopped purchasing from a brand after hearing news of that company’s poor employee treatment. Protecting your brand reputation with outplacement puts you in a better position to maintain and expand your customer base.

Brand reputation also helps you save money when recruiting employees. Harvard Business Review reports that when a company has a poor reputation, new hires come at an additional cost of $4,723 each. Moreover, since outplacement allows you to retain better relationships with exiting employees, your company will be in a better position to attract “boomerang” employees—those who return to work for your company at a later date.

Better company culture

During and after a reduction in force, it is critical for businesses to foster a positive company culture to encourage the productivity and loyalty of remaining employees. This is another reason why it is vital to offer outplacement to exiting employees, whom the remaining employees consider friends and colleagues. If departing employees report feeling supported by the company—and are able to land new jobs through an effective outplacement program—the remaining employees are likely to conclude that they work for a responsible and conscientious company that truly cares about its workers’ long-term well-being.

Why is outplacement important for employees?

Outplacement offers key benefits that are of primary importance for any business organization. In fact, because outplacement’s value for the employer is so clear, many companies today offer outplacement solutions to outgoing employees at every level of the organization as a common practice.

But what are the benefits of outplacement for the employee?

Resume Writing

They can find a new job faster.

If your company offers an effective outplacement program, it can significantly speed up job seekers’ landing rates by helping them find and successfully attain new career opportunities that fit their interests and skills.

They’ll receive one-on-one career counseling.

This important benefit matches job seekers with professional career coaches. These coaches can provide advice on everything from conducting an effective job search to negotiating a competitive salary. In addition, many job seekers benefit from interview coaching by career development professionals.

They’ll benefit from resume editing and review services.

Working with experienced reviewers will ensure employee submissions pass through the applicant tracking systems used by companies. The reviewers even offer hands-on suggestions for potential improvements to the resume that will distinguish the applicant from competing job applicants. Assistance with building a cover letter is also available for job searchers.

They learn key job-seeker skills.

An outplacement service can teach your employees new skills that they can take forward when applying for any new job. These skills include resume writing, interview preparation, networking, and more.

They'll learn more about themselves and what they want from their next job.

A robust outplacement program provides job seekers with a suite of features, including assessments and personality tests, online cover letter and resume builders, job searching and notification tools, access to in-depth company research, social media networking guides, and more to help them find meaningful employment.

They’ll have access to a comprehensive job search engine.

INTOO’s job search tool provides matches to job seekers’ skills and interests and includes detailed information on companies looking for new talent. The tool is combined with a feature that uses LinkedIn to reveal any personal connections shared by the prospective employer and the job seeker. The employee can set up job alerts so they are instantly alerted to new postings and can be among the first to apply.

To select the most effective outplacement program for your company, consider the needs of your workforce alongside the success rate of the outplacement firm that will provide the services. You’ll want to choose a firm that has a proven record of helping users of its program find new jobs quickly, and consequently, boasts a high user satisfaction rating.

Explore how INTOO’s whole-human coaching adds value to outplacement.

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