Global Outplacement Solutions

Supporting workforce transitions in 37 languages across 102 countries with global outplacement programs

INTOO is the outplacement flagship for Gi Group Holding, a global leader in HR and talent solutions with 20+ years of experience in delivering high-touch, people-focused programs to more than 20,000 companies around the world. With operations across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, our solutions include global outplacement, temporary and permanent staffing, advanced outsourcing, search and selection, training, and HR consulting services.

While differences in culture and business customs exist worldwide, the experience of job loss is universally daunting. For any industry, and for organizations of every size, INTOO’s outplacement programs are flexible to serve employees at any job level, wherever they may be.

INTOO’s global network of over 2,100 expert career transition coaches offers one-on-one support from professionals who speak the local language and understand the regional job market and business customs and requirements. This coaching is paired with a technology platform rich in tools and resources for the job seeker—to guide transitioning employees each step of the way.

Global outplacement – delivered seamlessly

With award-winning centralized account management, INTOO provides multinational companies with delivery of the best career transition services wherever workforce changes occur. Whether your impacted employees are in two countries or 20, you can be assured of consistency in the support they receive to make successful transitions to new employment.

Global outplacement by the numbers

Experienced and qualified career transition coaches

Career transitions supported each year

Organizations supported through workforce change

“My Client Success Team made the entire implementation — which could have been very complicated — so easy. Our employees were onboarded quickly so they could immediately speak with a coach and benefit from the program, which made a huge impact on their transition. INTOO understood the nuances of global layoffs and the specific needs of different regions and are a trusted partner to us in periods of transition.”

HR Director, US College with Global Campuses

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