Executive Outplacement Services

Executive Outplacement coaching helps you develop a clear and actionable plan to achieve your career goals in the event of a layoff or company separation. 

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Why Choose INTOO for Executive Outplacement Services

INTOO’s whole-human Executive Outplacement coaching recognizes that effective transition assistance acknowledges how a career transition impacts other aspects of a person’s life and well-being. INTOO coaches support executives as they work towards their unique career goals, whether it be seeking a new role, pursuing an alternative career, looking for board of directorship opportunities, exploring self-employment, managing a portfolio career, or preparing for retirement.

Unlimited coaching is provided throughout the duration of your Executive Outplacement program. In addition, executives have access to an additional three months of post-landing support to help you succeed in your next role.

Our coach-matching process aligns you with an executive coach who has experience helping others in your industry and role. Your coach can also deliver personalized guidance according to your particular needs, background, and aspirations.

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Why Our Executive Outplacement Services Are the Best in the Industry

Our expert career coaches partner with you as you determine what your next challenge will be, offering personalized guidance, support and resources to ensure that your next career move is a successful one.

  • Unlimited career planning sessions with your dedicated executive coach help you ensure that the decisions you make during this period are aligned with your short- and long-term career goals. 
  • Research and professional branding services help you stand out from the competition with personalized marketing materials, including versioned resumes, LinkedIn profile positioning, and expert advice to help you get ahead of the curve.
  • An additional three months of post-landing support is included in your Executive Outplacement program to help you succeed as you onboard into your new role. 

“Our careers can be a significant part of how we define ourselves, so it’s a great privilege to help others get back to work. INTOO helps so many people navigate through difficult times, and I’m proud to be part of that.”

Haley F.

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Skillfully helping executives toward their next great step

    C-suite position: INTOO’s executive coaches specialize in helping individuals target their ideal roles for a purposeful next step, whether within their current industry or transitioning to a different one.

    Board membership: INTOO offers guidance in support of finding beneficial board membership opportunities that benefit the executive and organization alike.

    Entrepreneurship or consulting: Whether starting a new business or consulting on a project basis, INTOO can help executives determine the most efficient and effective way to get started on a sustainable plan for self-employment.

    Retirement: With the help of an INTOO executive coach, retiring leaders can design a productive and fulfilling retirement plan, incorporating part-time work, volunteer opportunities, and more.

    Our expert Executive Outplacement coaches

      • Coaches average 10+ years of experience
      • 90% of our coaches hold Master’s degrees
      • 82% are members of the National Career Development Association and local associations
      • 77% have created and taught career development courses
      • Coaches speak multiple languages and are experienced in coaching a diverse range of individuals, including those with disabilities 
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      How Our Executive Outplacement Services Will Positively Impact Your Business

      Executives have a significant impact on your business, both during their tenure and after they depart. Enhance this positive impact by providing INTOO Executive Outplacement to your leaders.

      • Costs of unemployment and taxes are reduced by assisting individuals in finding new meaningful employment faster
      • Well-connected leaders leave on a positive note, maintaining your reputation as an employer of choice
      • Morale among remaining employees is improved, knowing their employer cares about them even when faced with challenging decisions

      Executive Outplacement FAQS

      What is executive outplacement?

      Executive outplacement is a career transition service provided to senior-level executives facing job loss, often due to corporate restructuring, downsizing, or other organizational changes. Executive outplacement aims to help these individuals find new employment opportunities by offering various highly tailored support services, including executive career counseling, portfolio and resume building, job search assistance, and interview preparation.

      Why do executives need outplacement?

      Executives often need outplacement services due to various circumstances, such as job loss, retirement, or a career shift. These services facilitate their journey in a competitive job market, enabling them to capitalize on their skills and experience while enhancing their prospects of finding a new role. Through professional guidance and resources, outplacement assists executives in successfully pivoting to new employment opportunities, making it a valuable resource during career transitions.

      Are outplacement services for executives worth it?

      The value of executive outplacement services can vary depending on individual circumstances. However, many executives find them valuable because they provide professional guidance, network access, and resources that can accelerate their job search process and help secure higher-level positions. The worthiness of outplacement services should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, considering the specific needs and goals of the executive, alongside the benefits provided through the executive outplacement service, such as unlimited coaching hours, until- landing support, and more.

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