Executive Coaching Services

Executive coaching equips leaders to be a catalyst for positive impact. A successful coaching engagement matches individuals with an executive coach based on the leader’s unique organizational and individual professional needs. 

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Why Choose INTOO for Executive Coaching Services

No two executives are the same. Leadership styles, challenges, and personalities are all distinctly different, yet one objective most leaders have in common is the drive to deliver results.

INTOO’s highly personalized Executive Coaching programs address a range of development areas for individual growth. Our bespoke programs deliver guidance and frameworks for approaching decision-making, strategy, motivating teams and elevating their performance, and more. 

We know it can be hard to prioritize your own development as a leader. We offer a variety of meeting schedules to create flexibility while helping you stay accountable to your development goals.

Our coach-matching process aligns you with an executive coach who has experience helping others in your industry and role. Your coach can also deliver personalized guidance according to your particular needs, background, and aspirations.

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How Executive Coaching Services Can Help Your Business

While each individual’s coaching needs are unique, our team of executive coaches often work with clients on refining the following areas of competence:

  • Amplifying leadership effectiveness. Whether there’s a desire to increase self-awareness or to find new ways to inspire, motivate, and lead teams, INTOO coaches support executives in evolving their leadership skills. Executives may choose to engage a coach on a broad range of topics or focus on specific development areas, including mission alignment, communication, empathy, giving and receiving feedback, cultivating decision-making acumen, and more.
  • Promoting work-life balance and eliminating burnout. A well-balanced leader models resilience and personal development for their organization, while also achieving results. Coaches can help leaders hold space for a healthy work-life balance and overall well-being.
  • Strategically navigating change and complexity. There are many paths to managing organizational and strategic business change. Leaders must not only adapt themselves to change but also support their people in managing ambiguity and complexity while continuing to move forward.
  • Nurturing high-performing, aligned teams. Whether joining a new team or looking to infuse new life into their existing organization, leaders must build alignment and collaboration. Effective leaders can build engagement and productivity across their team by imparting values of learning, autonomy, and intentionality into their leadership approach. They must also be comfortable resolving conflict and delivering feedback to foster a culture of trust, accountability, and psychological safety. 
  • Realizing professional advancement and accomplishment. How is professional success defined? Feeling fulfilled at work may involve leveraging strengths, experiencing growth, advancing one’s personal brand, and/or growing a professional network. An engaged leader has a focus on personal success as a means to building success for their organization. Coaches can help executives clarify what brings meaning and purpose to their work.

“Everyone needs help, whether or not they think so and regardless how successful they are. I probably should have worked with a career coach a decade ago.”

Brian C.

Why Our Executive Coaches Are the Best in the Industry

    • INTOO’s executive coaches hold the highest professional coaching credentials, such as PCC, CPC, GCDF from International Coach Federation, NCDA, and additional affiliations.
    • Our coaches have an average of 10+ years of expertise in executive coaching with additional experience in areas and industries such as business operations, leadership development, non-profit, healthcare, professional services, legal, technology, advertising, and more.
    • We value professional development. Our coaches hold graduate and undergrad degrees in education, counseling, business administration, psychology, marketing and communications, public administration, organizational development, and more.
    • At INTOO, our approach to coaching is holistic and acknowledges the “big picture,” considering both the professional and personal factors that are at play. Our whole-human coaching methodology utilizes powerful questioning, active listening, and intuitive guidance techniques to support executives in gaining insights, exploring new perspectives, overcoming challenges, and setting action plans.
    • We are a diverse team that speaks multiple languages and is experienced in coaching a varied range of individuals, including those with disabilities.
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    How Executive Coaching Services Work at INTOO

    Executive coaching engagements are designed around the individual. INTOO’s programs offer the flexibility for executives to choose from four different coaching cadences, ranging from one session every week for six weeks, to one session per month for six months. Standard programs include six 50-minute sessions. Additional sessions may be added as needed at per-session rates.

    Our comprehensive intake process gathers insights into the executive’s goals, values, and desired outcomes. The executive-coach relationship is critical to the success of executive coaching. INTOO provides executives with the opportunity to meet with potential coaches for fit before being matched with their preferred coach.

    Together, the coach and the executive define the milestones and outcomes that demonstrate forward progress for the executive individually and for their organization.

    Executive Coaching FAQS

    Are executive coaching services worth it?

    The value of executive coaching services depends on the individual executive’s goals and their interest and openness in participating in the coaching process. Executive coaching engagements must be highly tailored to each leader in order to be successful. When working with high-quality coaches, executives can expect to refine their leadership effectiveness, communication, decision-making acumen, their ability to coach others, and more.

    What problems does an executive coach solve?

    Executive coaches help leaders and organizations address various areas, including:

    Amplifying leadership effectiveness: Enhancing leadership skills and effectiveness.

    Excelling in impactful communication: Improving communication and interpersonal relationships.

    Cultivating decision-making acumen: Enhancing decision-making abilities. 

    Promoting work-life balance and eliminating burnout: Coping with stress and work-life balance.

    Succession Planning: Navigating career changes and transitions.

    Modeling authentic and ethical leadership: Aligning personal goals with the organization’s mission and vision.

    How long should you work with an executive coach

    The duration of executive coaching varies depending on the individual’s goals and needs. Some executives may engage with a coach for a few sessions to address specific issues. In contrast, others may work with a coach over an extended period to develop ongoing leadership and personal development. However, most coaching engagements typically last for six to twelve months. This time frame allows for sufficient time to establish a strong relationship with the coach, develop a clear understanding of goals, and make significant progress toward achieving them. If you are still determining how long you should work with an executive coach, it is always best to speak with your coach directly. They can help you assess your needs and develop a coaching plan that is tailored to you.

    How much does executive coaching cost?

    The cost of executive coaching can vary significantly based on factors such as the coach’s experience, reputation, location, and the specific services provided. Contact us to discuss further!

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