Career Development


Retain your top talent and create brand ambassadors with career development opportunities to build employee morale and your employer brand.


Employee departures can create significant knowledge gaps. Reduce attrition with career exploration tools that empower you to optimize your workforce.


Turnover is expensive. Save time and money, while increasing employee engagement and productivity with INTOO’s career development solution.

Career Development Solutions

INTOO’s career development solution delivers one-on-one career coaching alongside comprehensive career development resources and tools to help you increase employee engagement and retention at scale.


counsel leaders and individual contributors on-demand via video, phone and text chat to encourage candid career conversations and support professional development.


from edX, Coursera, and Udemy build leadership and engagement from within your organization.


provide practical career development strategies for resume building, LinkedIn branding, networking, research, interviewing, and more.


meets the needs of your organization with configurable branding, job boards, and resources, and offers easy integration with your HRIS and existing employee management systems.

Career Development Platform

Personalized support and innovative technology for meaningful career development

INTOO’s comprehensive career development platform is tailored for today’s workforce.

  • On-Demand Career Coaching via Video, Phone, and Text Chat
  • Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Reviews
  • Video Interview Practice
  • Skills Assessments
  • Professional Networking Guides
  • Custom Job Board
  • Cover Letter & Resume Builders

How are you developing your workforce?

OMG! I just took the Assessment and the results are right on the spot. It's like reading my whole career experience through 20+ years. I would definitely recommend this to our entire group.

Rosanna B.

This seems really helpful and will provide a lot of insight into my working style and others. I’m looking forward to getting objective feedback on my working style so I can begin to recognize environments and actions that I can take to ensure I flourish. Looking forward to continuing this!

Gabrielle M.

I only wish this resource was introduced to me sooner. I took the Strengths and Weaknesses assessment, and the other resources have been very insightful!

Alex D.

This is a great new addition to our professional development tools. Thank you for giving us this insightful new site!

Lee R.

My coach was thoughtful, responsive, and supportive.

Pooya S.

Just getting started and I really like it so far. I’m so glad to have a resource that helps our employees seek advancement.

Brenda S.

The coach chat was very helpful. I was able to get instant and helpful feedback on my pitch.

Josiane N.

User-friendly, easy to navigate, plentiful knowledge to navigate the endless career options.

Sarah C.

I learned how to speak about my experience without feeling as though I’m bragging.

Marivell M.

There are good tools, tips, and opportunities for employees at every level of our organization.

Kevin R.

I was excited to learn about this resource. I love the layout of the portal and the tools provided (especially the resume builder!)

Karen Y.