Employee Career Development & Internal Mobility

When career development programming is tailored to address what’s most meaningful to your organization, not only does each member of your workforce benefit, your business also benefits from increased productivity and retention.

INTOO Employee Career Development is just that. We take into account your unique culture and objectives when recommending coaching and training solutions. And because each employee has their own individual goals, concerns, professional developmental needs, and aspirations, our coaches and trainers provide personalized guidance. Trusted by hundreds of companies around the world, our best-in-class employee-focused programs are supported by a suite of learning and professional development resources on an easy-to-use technology platform. At key employee lifecycle inflection points, we’re your trusted global partner in driving progress toward specific organizational, professional, and personal goals.

Black female manager mentors a male employee

How we partner with forward-thinking organizations:

  • Career Coaching: From entry-level to C-suite, INTOO matches an experienced coach with each of your employees to help them grow and broaden their impact within your organization.
  • Training Courses: INTOO offers online and in-person training courses to equip employees with a focused set of skills, including management and communication skills.
  • Workshops & Team Programming: Interactive workshops provide an engaging way to build on company values while also boosting soft skills and community amongst your employees.
  • Employee Development Platform: Coupled with our coaching and training, INTOO’s customizable technology platform offers assessments, tools, tips, and guides to empower employees to take charge of their careers.

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“My coach has become a valuable accountability partner—helping me to accomplish tasks I wanted to do but never made a priority—and has kept me on track over time.”
Sales Director

“I appreciate that INTOO acknowledges the importance of other factors that play into one’s career path such as mindfulness, stress management, personal life management, and more.”
Program Coordinator

A female manager meets with her female employee to discuss career development.

Developing careers. Building loyalty.

Caring for your employees goes beyond providing a competitive salary and benefits. Investing in opportunities for your workforce to improve or acquire new skills—and to move about the organization both laterally and vertically—creates an environment where employees feel inspired to grow their careers with you.

Keep employees engaged and grow leaders from within your organization.

Give employees the tools they need to explore their interests, skills, and ambitions.

Support managers in their responsibility to guide and coach their team members.

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“I just took the assessment and the results are right on the spot. It’s like reading my whole career experience through 20+ years. I would definitely recommend this to our entire group.”
Rosanna B.

“There are good tools, tips, and opportunities for employees at every level of our organization.”

Kevin R.