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Outplacement services are one of INTOO’s core offerings, and our aim is to help your employees find their next job in the event of a layoff or reduction in force, while also protecting your brand reputation and building a positive organizational culture. This is just one of the reasons why outplacement is so important. Below, you can find out more about what outplacement involves. 

Our services deliver personalized one-on-one career coaching tailored to your transitioning employees, backed by innovative job seeker technology. Our cost-effective solutions make it possible to offer outplacement to more, if not all, employees without compromising on quality or value. Review the table below to learn about the outplacement services and features available within each program. If you’re looking for additional information on what outplacement is and what it covers,you can learn more in our other outplacement guides featured at the bottom of this page.

Unlimited career coaching, 7 days a week
On-demand career coaching
Dedicated career coaching with on-demand support
Executive career coaching with on-demand support
Extended post-landing coach support
On-demand coach webinars
Professional resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn critique
Professional resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn branding and writing
Resume and cover letter builders
150,000+ on-demand courses from leading providers edX, Coursera and Udemy
Curated job board with millions of postings from Indeed and our proprietary client database
Video interview practice with 200+ practice questions covering all major industries
AI video soft skills assessment
Strengths and preferences assessments
Self-guided workshops
Networking and research resources
Advanced research support
Facilitated recruiter introductions
Alumni access

If you’re unsure which outplacement programs are right for your organization,  we can provide recommendations for you.

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Candidate support

INTOO’s outplacement features help you protect your employer brand by prioritizing the key activities that employees should complete to jump-start their job search. Our experienced coaches and award-winning career transition platform provide personalized support to tens of thousands of individuals around the world each year—ranging from non-exempt hourly employees to senior executives—by addressing each individual’s unique needs.

Dedicated and on-demand coaching programs provide unlimited personalized guidance to help your employees land their next opportunity 2.5x faster
Coaches help candidates

refine their personal branding to best position themselves for their dream opportunity

Networking and job search techniques

are tailored to align with each candidate’s personal preferences and goals

Interview and salary negotiation strategies

prepare candidates for every stage of the interview process

Resume and LinkedIn profile writing is available 7 days a week so that job seekers will be ready for every opportunity that comes their way
Resume writers

are matched by experience and industry, and spend time with each candidate for tailored support

Sample resumes

provide a helpful benchmark, with examples available by industry and experience level

Social media workshops

provide practical strategies on how to stand out to recruiters looking to fill critical positions

Innovative job seeker tools sharpen candidate communications and accelerate their job search
Upskilling and reskilling educational content

from edX, Coursera, and Udemy help candidates expand their knowledge and explore new career paths

Millions of job postings

and industry-specific recruiting firm listings increase awareness of open opportunities

AI and other personality, values, and skills assessments

surface qualities that will help candidates make a great first impression every time

Video interview practice

enables candidates to perfect their personal presence and responses to 200+ industry and experience-based questions

HR support

Reductions in force are difficult for any business. INTOO can help reduce confusion and missteps by sharing outplacement best practices to ensure your business leaders are prepared, organized, and compassionate in your employee communications, while helping you increase protection for your employer brand.

Your organization will benefit from
Pre- and post-event guidance

and resources to ease the transition for your team, exiting employees and those you are retaining

Reporting dashboards

on employee engagement with key outplacement features monitor program performance in real time

A dedicated account manager

with extensive experience supporting companies of all sizes and across all major industries through workforce transition

Client Feedback

I have tested this service and strongly support this company and their service delivery. Class act—both in technical capabilities and highly professional and experienced personal coaching.

Rene B.

Chief People Officer, Corel Corporation

Our employees and volunteers are dedicated to making a difference in the world, and are passionate about dedicating their time, intellect, and energy to the Olympic Games. We're excited to reward our team's hard work by providing INTOO’s excellent outplacement product as a benefit to all of our transitioning employees after the Games end.

Jeff C.

Chief Operating Officer, Special Olympics World Games

I just want to say thank you so much. Our team was given ownership of outplacement and candidate care benefits 6 months ago and every time I reach out to my CSM she’s so responsive and offers great advice and insights.

HR Manager Business Partner

Multinational automotive manufacturer

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