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Outplacement services are one of INTOO’s core offerings. Our aim is to help your employees find their next job in the event of a layoff or reduction in force, while also protecting your brand reputation and building a positive organizational culture. These are some of the many  benefits demonstrating why outplacement is so important. Below, you can find out more about what outplacement involves.

Our services deliver personalized, unlimited, one-on-one career coaching tailored to your transitioning employees, backed by innovative job seeker technology. Our cost-effective solutions make it possible to offer outplacement to more, if not all, employees without compromising on quality or value. Review the table below to learn about the outplacement services and features available within each program. If you’re looking for additional information on what outplacement is and what it covers, you can learn more in our other outplacement guides featured at the bottom of this page.

Job Search

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What can outplacement services offer?

Each package has unique benefits geared towards professionals with varying experience, so it’s important to take the time to understand the differences between each one and exactly what level of support you need. You can find out more about the individual program services below.

Career coaching

INTOO’s approach to outplacement is people-centric, focusing on the whole human. We consider not just career wellbeing, but also social, physical and financial health when working with each individual.

Our career coaches speak multiple languages, hold master’s degrees and are experienced in coaching a diverse range of individuals, including those with disabilities. Our expert career coaches work one-on-one with each individual to understand their goals and to create a personalized plan to help them find their next perfect job. Coaches advise job seekers on research and strategy to build the job seeker’s confidence and accelerate their time to land.

Our outplacement programs offer unlimited career coaching hours for the duration of the program. Coaching engagements can be dedicated or on-demand, and we support individuals at every experience level, from entry level to executive.

“I love working with INTOO because it gives me the opportunity to support people at a challenging time—during a career transition. Making sure my clients have the tools they need to find their next great opportunity and seeing them succeed is the best part of my job!”
Lisa N.

Resume and cover letter writing

Finding a new job is all about making the right impressions, and for your employees to get a new role, it’s important that this first impression is memorable. For this reason, we work with participants to put their best foot forward by delivering a well written and focused professional resume and cover letter.

Networking is a huge part of finding a new job, and our coaches and online resources will support your employees in establishing and updating their personal brand on LinkedIn. Our Flex program provides job seekers with a LinkedIn critique, while our Premium and Select programs provide LinkedIn branding and writing.

Skills and training

Sometimes, job seekers may not have the skills they need to apply for a particular job. Or in other instances, they may wish to brush up on certain skills to advance in their current line of work. All of INTOO’s outplacement programs come with access to on-demand courses from leading providers edX, Coursera and Udemy.

For individuals who are unsure of how to focus their training efforts, all of INTOO’s programs offer strengths and preferences assessments, too, which can be reviewed with a coach for personalized guidance and support.

“One of the things I love most about working for INTOO is being able to customize the services to each individual, an approach I appreciate because everyone is different and has different needs. This flexibility enables me to meet our participants where they’re at in the process.”
Ellen B.

Research resources

With all of our programs, your employees will have access to various networking and research resources to help them target desirable employers, identify and make connections, and expand their professional network. With the Select program, they also receive advanced research support and facilitated recruiter introductions.

Why choose INTOO for outplacement services?

INTOO is one of the leading outplacement firms in the U.S. and around the world.

Our programs are particularly beneficial because you have the option to create a service that is completely customized to your business and your employees. Our tailored approach helps job seekers to land new roles in an average of just 10 weeks, reducing their time between jobs and getting them back on their career path faster. We can achieve this thanks to our 7-days-a-week access to resume writers, career coaches, interview coaches, networking advisers and more.

In addition to protecting your employer brand by doing the right thing, we also provide reporting to deliver insights into program KPIs.

INTOO Outplacement offers: 

  • A custom outplacement program
  • An average time of 10 weeks for employees to find a new job
  • Unlimited, 7-days-a-week access to coaches
  • A custom reporting dashboard to check progress

Job Seeker Support

INTOO’s outplacement features, including outplacement counseling, help you protect your employer brand by prioritizing the key activities that employees should complete to jump-start their job search. Our experienced coaches and award-winning career transition platform provide personalized support to tens of thousands of individuals around the world each year—ranging from non-exempt hourly employees to senior executives—by addressing each individual’s unique needs.

Young Hispanic female job seeker has virtual meeting with a career coach

Dedicated and on-demand coaching programs provide unlimited personalized guidance to help your employees land their next opportunity 2.5x faster

Coaches help job seekers refine their personal branding to best position themselves for their dream opportunity

Networking and job search techniques are tailored to align with each individual’s personal preferences and goals

Interview and salary negotiation strategies prepare job seekers for every stage of the interview process

Resume and LinkedIn profile writing is available 7 days a week so that job seekers will be ready for every opportunity that comes their way

Resume writers are matched by experience and industry, and spend time with each individual for tailored support

Sample resumes provide a helpful benchmark, with examples available by industry and experience level

Social media workshops provide practical strategies on how to stand out to recruiters looking to fill critical positions

A smiling young Black man is interviewed by a woman
A smiling bearded man has an online meeting on his laptop

Innovative tools sharpen job seeker communications and accelerate their job search

Upskilling and reskilling educational content from edX, Coursera, and Udemy help individuals expand their knowledge and explore new career paths

Millions of job postings and industry-specific recruiting firm listings increase awareness of open opportunities

Personality, values, and skills assessments surface qualities that will help job seekers make a great first impression every time

Video interview practice enables individuals to perfect their personal presence and responses to 200+ industry and experience-based questions

“INTOO is in tune with today’s high tech companies in terms of preparing you and leveraging the technology of the day.”

Raymond F.
Landed an opportunity with Amazon

“Having outplacement services included in my severance package reconfirmed how much my former employer cares about their people.”

Elizabeth R.
Landed an opportunity with SC Labs

HR Support

Asian female HR manager works with leadership.

Reductions in force are difficult for any business.

INTOO can help reduce confusion and missteps by sharing outplacement best practices to ensure your business leaders are prepared, organized, and compassionate in your employee communications, while helping you increase protection for your employer brand.

Your organization will benefit from:

  • Pre- and post-event guidance and resources to ease the transition for your team, exiting employees and those you are retaining
  • Reporting dashboards that monitor participant engagement and program performance in real time
  • A dedicated account manager with extensive experience supporting companies of all sizes and across all major industries through workforce transition

“I have tested this service and strongly support this company and their service delivery. Class act—both in technical capabilities and highly professional and experienced personal coaching.”

Rene B.

Chief People Officer, Corel Corporation

“Our employees and volunteers are dedicated to making a difference in the world, and are passionate about dedicating their time, intellect, and energy to the Olympic Games. We’re excited to reward our team’s hard work by providing INTOO’s excellent outplacement product as a benefit to all of our transitioning employees after the Games end.”

Jeff C.

Chief Operations Officer, Special Olympics World Games

“I just want to say thank you so much. Our team was given ownership of outplacement and Candidate Care benefits 6 months ago and every time I reach out to my CSM she’s so responsive and offers great advice and insights.”

HR Manager Business Partner

Multinational automotive manufacturer

Want to help your impacted employees find their next job and  maintain your brand reputation after downsizing or making layoffs?

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