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For over 20 years, INTOO has been turning unexpected job loss into life-changing opportunities across the country and in 102 countries around the world. Professional outplacement services in Chicago, IL, can empower your workers as they take their next steps and preserve the culture of your workplace.

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Why You Should Get Outplacement Services in Chicago, IL

Businesses recognize the value of employee engagement, but few things will disrupt your company culture like a transition that goes poorly. If you don’t adequately plan your employee’s next steps, you could face such risks as:

  • Employee litigation
  • Declining company morale
  • Damage to your company brand

That’s why it helps to tap into career transition services in Chicago, IL.

The right partner can empower your employees to take the next step in their journey. INTOO can provide outplacement services for businesses of every size throughout Chicago, across the United States, and internationally.

These services can preserve your company culture so your remaining employees stay engaged, helping you retain your best and brightest. And because our dedicated coaches understand your local ecosystem, your workers will gain career insights tailored to the local job market.

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How INTOO Can Help With Outplacement & Career Transition Services in Chicago

Career transition services are about more than just job placement. INTOO’s dedicated coaching team provides skill development and other opportunities for your team.

During times of transition, employees will receive one-on-one guidance to aid in their resume development, networking, and interview skills. They can even use our resources to build new skills or strengthen the ones they have.

Employers, meanwhile, will love the ability to make a seamless, frictionless transition while preserving their company culture and retaining talented employees. And by improving satisfaction with the process, you’ll prevent a poor transition from impacting your company brand.

Flexible solutions

INTOO offers three levels of outplacement services in Chicago. These services have a flexible program length so you can choose what is best for each level of employee: from entry level to C-suite.

These services all include one-on-one career coaching from real-world professionals. Coaches can offer guidance on polishing your resume, building a LinkedIn profile, and networking, in addition to providing access to a robust database of available jobs.

Award-winning platform and dedicated support

With more than 20 years of experience, INTOO has become internationally recognized as a leading outplacement specialist. Our platform has consistently ranked among the industry’s top providers, and the intuitive dashboard gives employers insight into the success of these services.

Job seekers likewise receive dedicated support in the form of career coaching, upskilling/reskilling courses, and interview-preparation tips. These coaches are available seven days a week for maximum flexibility.

Better Results

INTOO’s career coaches receive a 97% satisfaction rating from employees who rely on our career transition services. Our data also reveals that job seekers who receive coaching from INTOO will land their next job roughly two-and-a-half times faster than the national average.

These results come from our dedicated team that offers unlimited support every day of the week. While INTOO aids businesses in the Chicago area, we also support businesses in over 100 countries.

Comprehensive Outplacement Service

By investing in innovation and customizable solutions, businesses can access outplacement services at an affordable cost. 

Our services can be tailored to each unique employee, from non-exempt hourly workers all the way up to senior managers. Along the way, we adopt a person-centered approach that considers a candidate’s physical, social, and emotional health.

Onboarding on your schedule

Transitions aren’t always convenient, but outplacement services can be. INTOO is capable of providing services within just two days — or two hours if the need is urgent.

Employees get immediate access to transition services, and your organization can continue operating according to your schedule.

“We use INTOO Outplacement to help employees find their next step. We have found that it’s been a positive way of showing people that we really want to support them. We want them to be successful, even if that’s not with us, which helps to create a more positive exit.”
Jennifer Fisher
Director of People and Culture, ISTS

“We wanted to show employees that we are invested in their future, and we wanted to do everything we could to support them moving forward. By offering outplacement, we were able to tell employees: “This is a support system that is exclusively here to support you. Yes, we chose INTOO, but they’re not in it for us. This is for you.”

Tess L.
Human Resources Manager, KBD

INTOO Offers Outplacement Services in Chicago

INTOO is committed to providing career transition services in Chicago. Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you’re in, we can make a difficult transition easier.

Contact us today to discover how our outplacement services can help your business and learn more about our role in the Chicago business community.

Learn how INTOO Outplacement can help your transitioning employees.

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