Coaching mix, not all coaching is equal

Coaching mix, not all coaching is equal

Coaching is an invaluable resource for personal and professional growth, increasingly adopted by a broader range of organisations and across a wider spectrum of employees. However, coaching is a ‘broad church’ with different coaching methodologies used to develop different skills. Accordingly, it is critical to select the right coaching approach that will make the most impactful difference to an individual, team or the organisation. HR professionals are often tasked with identifying the coaching mix that suits individual development needs and organisational goals. In this short blog, we will discuss the types of coaching approaches that exist and how HR managers can determine the right mix for their organisation.

  1. One-on-one executive coaching

One-on-one coaching is the most typical form of coaching, involving one coach and one participant. This type of coaching is beneficial for executives, high-potential leaders, or individual contributors who are looking to grow their skills. One-on-one coaching supports via a dedicated personal approach that creates a suitable environment for discussion and though around specific goals. This type of coaching can be tailored to the individual’s learning style and personality that would help them build important skills and competencies, helping them identify areas of strength and weakness and selecting appropriate options around how to handle them.

  1. Team Coaching

Team coaching focuses on developing a team’s collective capabilities. This type of coaching can be particularly valuable when the organisation is facing a shift in strategy or culture, leading to potential conflict between members. Team coaching sessions can help team members address key issues, establish trusting relationships and develop a common vision. Team coaching also benefits teams who are working on complex projects that require higher productivity and collaboration.

  1. Leadership Development Coaching

Leadership development coaching is a learning approach that involves leaders from the same organisation with similar development goals who meet regularly to exchange feedback. This is a cost-effective and practical approach to coaching that allows individuals to consider different scenarios and share best practices while receiving feedback and support. This coaching is valuable when an organisation wants to develop, key leadership skills such as problem solving, team management, and so on.

  1. Online ‘Help-desk’ Coaching

Online coaching provides virtual coaching sessions using a range of technological tools. Of course, most coaching can be provided online however increasing numbers of organisations are offering ad hoc sessions with a coach using a ‘help-desk’ format, with individuals able to access a coach at a time to suit them and across a range of topics. Less tailored than conventional coaching it nevertheless is a useful addition to support those who may previously have not been given access to a coach.


Effective coaching requires identifying the right mix of coaching approaches that suit both the individual development needs and organisational goals. HR managers must apply a strategic approach to coaching by selecting the appropriate methodology, setting clear goals, and embracing feedback. One-on-one coaching is useful for personalised attention, team coaching is valuable for collective capabilities, group coaching benefits small cohorts, leadership development coaching is a cost-effective way to promote knowledge-sharing, and online coaching provides a flexible and convenient environment. Different coaching approaches can be tailored to suit every individual or team’s needs; however, it is essential to find the right mix in order to drive sustainable development.

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