Career Coaching

INTOO’s remarkable team of career management experts includes internationally certified, licensed counselors, career management fellows, and professional resume writers who are experienced in delivering career coaching to candidates at all levels—from entry-level through to executive.

Expert Advice, Individualized Success

While other outplacement providers train their career coaches to adhere to strict time caps, INTOO coaches invest the time needed to understand candidate goals and outline a personalized path to success.

  • Our career coaches recognize that every candidate is unique, and we research, plan and strategize alongside each individual to optimize their search and build confidence.
  • Resume writing is a partnership. INTOO career coaches meet one-on-one with job seekers to highlight achievement based on their target industry and role.
  • Whether a LinkedIn beginner or expert, job seekers will learn the practical branding and networking strategies they need to help them land their next role.
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Who We Are

We deliver career coaching to a diverse range of individuals in multiple languages, as well as candidates with disabilities. Having developed numerous career development programs and courses now widely used by some of the top colleges and universities, our coaching team represents some of the best and brightest in career management. It’s no surprise that we continue to see over 97% satisfaction from our program participants.

Our Coaches

hold Master’s degrees
are members of the National Career Development Association and local state associations
have created and taught career development courses

What motivates our coaches

I love working with INTOO because it gives me the opportunity to support people at a challenging time—during a career transition. Making sure my candidates have the tools they need to find their next great opportunity and seeing them succeed is the best part of my job!

Lisa N.

The team at INTOO is highly collaborative, supportive, and compassionate with a focus on providing above-and-beyond customer service. There is a strong emphasis on continuous improvement for our job seeker tools and resources available, and the team always treats one another with kindness and encouragement.

Holly K.

Our careers can be a significant part of how we define ourselves, so it's a great privilege to help others get back to work. INTOO helps so many people navigate through difficult times, and I'm proud to be part of that.

Haley F.

I love helping clients gain confidence in their skills and working through application materials together so that they can put their best foot forward in interviews. An added perk is sharing in their joy when they receive a job offer!

Kim P.

One of the things I love most about working for INTOO is being able to customize the services to each candidate, an approach I appreciate because every candidate is different and has different needs. This flexibility enables me to meet our candidates where they’re at in the process.

Ellen B.

Learn how to help your transitioning employees with INTOO's personalized career coaching

Job seekers who participate in INTOO’s outplacement program land jobs nearly 2.5x faster than the national average, transitioning back into the workforce in an average of 10 weeks, compared to the national 23-week average unemployment time.*

* Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in January 2020