Outplacement Services in New York City, NY

As a leading provider of outplacement services in New York City, NY, across the US, and in 102 countries around the world, INTOO connects candidates with experienced career coaches so they can find the ideal landing spot for the next leg of their professional journeys. 

By leveraging our career transition services in New York City, NY, you can empower impacted employees, demonstrate your compassion, preserve your brand image, and ensure a smooth transition for all involved. 

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Why You Should Get Outplacement Services in New York City

Parting ways with an employee can be a difficult process for everyone. However, by utilizing INTOO’s outplacement services, you can help former employees find their way in New York’s competitive job market. Our comprehensive career transition services also provide some significant benefits to your organization. Offering outplacement services to your exiting employees helps:

  • Soften the impact to staff affected by layoffs
  • Reduce the risk of litigation
  • Improve productivity and morale among existing staff
  • Promote and maintain a positive employer brand image

When you provide outplacement services via INTOO’s talented career coaches and transition experts, you are demonstrating to your workforce and beyond that you are compassionate about the needs of exiting employees and their families. In turn, you mitigate potential risks to retention and future talent acquisition.

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How INTOO Can Help With Outplacement & Career Transition Services in New York City

INTOO’s outplacement services in New York City, NY, include:

Flexible solutions

INTOO tailors its programs and support model to align with your organization’s unique needs, while providing a frictionless experience for exiting employees. As part of our flexible service model, we provide three levels of outplacement support, with multiple program lengths to choose from.

At INTOO, we understand that every job seeker has a unique story. With that in mind, we provide personalized guidance and coaching, which is adapted to employees at every level—from C-suite to non-exempt hourly staff—as they engage with our expert coaching staff.

Award-winning platform and dedicated support

As an INTOO client, your organization will be assigned a dedicated client success manager (CSM). Your assigned CSM will support you and your staff before, during, and after any organizational change event.

In addition to having access to a dedicated CSM, your organization and impacted employees will have access to INTOO’s award-winning, intuitive job search platform. This platform makes it easy for job seekers to access tools and personalized coaching support whenever they need it for the duration of their program, with no limits on coaching hours. 

Whole Human Coaching, Better Results

At INTOO, we are focused on delivering measurable results for you and exiting employees. Our outplacement services in New York City, NY, accelerate job seeker landing times by over twice as much.

Our philosophy is people-centric, focused on the whole human. INTOO’s consultative career coaches illuminate the way for job seekers by considering not just career well-being, but also social, physical, and financial health when working with each individual to develop a tailored job search strategy. With this framework in mind, our coaches help professionals assess and pursue fulfilling new career opportunities. As part of our comprehensive services, INTOO also offers expert resume writing, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile support.

Onboarding on your schedule

Our expert Client Success team is experienced in working with organizations of all sizes across every industry. Whether organizational change is planned months in advance or is urgent and unexpected, our team is your partner in ensuring a smooth transition for exiting staff and remaining employees alike.

We make this process easy for you and your organization. On average, our onboarding process takes just 48 hours. Accelerated same-day onboarding is available when there is an urgent need.

“We use INTOO Outplacement to help employees find their next step. We have found that it’s been a positive way of showing people that we really want to support them. We want them to be successful, even if that’s not with us, which helps to create a more positive exit.”
Jennifer Fisher
Director of People and Culture, ISTS

“We wanted to show employees that we are invested in their future, and we wanted to do everything we could to support them moving forward. By offering outplacement, we were able to tell employees: “This is a support system that is exclusively here to support you. Yes, we chose INTOO, but they’re not in it for us. This is for you.”

Tess L.
Human Resources Manager, KBD

Improve Your Workplace With Outplacement Services in New York City

There’s no room for error when offboarding employees. 

Explore INTOO’s outplacement services in New York City, NY, to support exiting employees with tailored expert career transition services, protecting your brand and encouraging retention among remaining employees at the same time.

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