INTOO USA partners with Career Star Group to Provide Outplacement Across the Globe

CareerArc and Career Star Group partner

We are excited to announce that Intoo USA (formerly CareerArc Outplacement) and Career Star Group have partnered to make virtual outplacement services available across the globe.

Career Star Group, a leader in the local provision of change management, outplacement and career transition services, selected Intoo as its global online technology platform of choice for its 79-country service area. This exclusive collaboration will give employers the ability to provide virtual career transition services that includes online on-demand one-on-one career coaching, a first for Career Star Group customers.

“Technology is a great democratizer. Outplacement can now more easily reach employees at every level of the organization thanks to technology making it more accessible and affordable,” said Robin D. Richards, chairman of Intoo USA.

Intoo’s virtual services will supplement Career Star Group’s in-person, one-on-one career coaching sessions and career transition support. Intoo clients will also benefit from access to Career Star Group’s extensive global network.

“Through our first-ever technology partnership with Intoo USA, we will now be able to reach even more employees all over the globe during their time of need through virtual services,” said Cetti Galante, board chair director of Career Star Group. “This online component unlocks a trove of possibilities worldwide for candidates who don’t have time or geographical access to in-person transition options.”

“This partnership expands Intoo’s global footprint significantly and is yet another proof point that outplacement is becoming a necessary benefit in a growing number of industries,” said Yair Riemer, CEO of Intoo USA.

Learn more about Intoo’s outplacement solution.

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