Top Outplacement Firms: 4 Key Considerations

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The task to select an outplacement provider, whether during an annual review of benefits, or in preparation for a reduction in force, can feel overwhelming. So how can you be sure you’re choosing a top outplacement firm? Below, we review the features and benefits that strong programs offer, so that during your evaluation process you can easily compare outplacement companies and find the right benefits for your organization.

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Top Outplacement Firms: Key Considerations

The Company

When comparing outplacement vendors, you want to take both a holistic and micro view. Consider each firm’s reputation, its responsiveness to customer needs and requests, and its ability to support your workforce wherever it may be, whether in the U.S. or globally. It may also be important to you that the provider offers cost-effective solutions, and that it can easily scale its solutions quickly to service sudden events. These are just some of the considerations involved with comparing and choosing the right outplacement firm.

ReputationVendor has a strong reputation and has received industry endorsements and awards
RatingsVendor has high satisfaction ratings from those who received service
FocusVendor is specialized in outplacement and has established expertise in this sensitive offering
InnovationVendor prioritizes new technology and program features that advance career coaching support and resources to support the individualized needs of the modern job seeker
ResultsVendor demonstrates proven success in helping candidates land faster
Cost-effectiveVendor passes along the cost-savings from technology solutions to clients to enable further investment in stabilizing your business
FlexibleVendor has the ability to customize the program for your needs and for employees of all levels—non-exempt to CEO—and to include on-site support, extended service, and more
Extended length of serviceVendor provides adequate support that aligns with the average time needed for affected employees to find a new opportunity
Global supportVendor can provide career transition to support your global workforce
ScaleVendor can quickly scale to accommodate sudden workforce changes
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Career Coaching

Career coaches are vital to the success of an outplacement program. When evaluating different providers, you’ll want to consider not only the experience of the coaches, but also the method and approach of delivery. For example, is the coaching personalized? Is it offered only during the week or also on weekends? Can participants get coaching without time or session caps? Having this information will ensure you’re making an accurate comparison. It will also help you to choose a program that offers your employees the greatest benefit to expedite their paths to meaningful new employment. There are many other features to consider when looking at coaching services from different providers, so read the list below.

Career Coaching
ExperienceCareer coaches have advanced degrees, extensive experience and accreditations
Personalized coachingCoaches have experience with candidates of all levels, industries and functions, and provide personalized guidance based on each person's individual circumstances and interests
On-demand access to career coachesParticipants can initiate live one-on-one sessions with a career coach at their convenience, via video, talk or text chat throughout the entire program, with no session caps
Availability 7 days/weekCandidates have access to coaches when they need it
Unlimited coachingNo session or program caps to ensure that individuals get the support they need
Resume and cover letter writing and critique 7 days/weekParticipants have weekend support from coaches on the tasks they need to complete in order to be prepared for every opportunity that comes their way
LinkedIn profile writing and critique 7 days/weekParticipants have weekend support from coaches for critical job search activities and more
Immediate accessCandidates gain immediate access to coaches to help speed the transition — no orientation required for the best candidate experience
Executive-level experienceCoaches have proven success in developing strategies to guide executives through the unique challenges they face
Interview practiceVendor offers video interview practice, which candidates can share with a coach, and also allows you to conduct mock interviews with a coach over the phone or video
Alumni accessVendor offers extended access to job seeker resources and coaches beyond the program term
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Online Career Center

A resource-rich technology platform is a component of a full-service outplacement program that bolsters coaching by providing tools employees can use on their own and/or with the help of a coach to enrich their job search and transition experience. From assessments to resume builders, job boards to interview practice tools, and workshops to guides, the right outplacement program will offer an easy-to-navigate center for everything a job seeker needs to support their coaching experience.

Online Career Center
Resume writingCareer coaches help candidates build, edit and tailor their resumes based on their individual goals, 7 days a week
LinkedIn profile writingCareer coaches review and critique candidate's personal branding across professional and social media channels
Cover letter writingIn addition to coaches guiding individuals on how to write strong cover letters that help their applications stand out, vendor provides cover letter builders and templates
Job board with millions of postingsParticipants have access to millions of jobs, with the ability to set up alerts for new postings, helping to ensure they are among the first to apply
Innovative interview practice toolsProgram offers video interview practice technology, in addition to the ability to conduct mock interviews with coaches via video or phone call
Self-assessmentsProgram offers a variety of assessments covering skill, value, style, preference discovery and more
Networking and LinkedIn strategiesParticipants can jumpstart their networking activities with the help of the platform's LinkedIn integration by identifying connections at their target companies
Access24/7 unlimited access to online career center from any device, including mobile
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Even the best program won’t be as effective as it could be if impacted employees can’t get started quickly. A worthwhile outplacement provider will have best-in-class account management that ensures you have the support you need where and when you need it. Also check the vendor’s record regarding service outages, and its ability to provide reporting, so that you can be sure you’re getting the right value for your investment.

PackagesStandardized packages offer value at every price point and for all employee levels from non-exempt to CEO, with the ability to further customize as needed
On-site supportCoaches can be brought on-site or provide support via webinars to ease day-of communication and education to impacted employees
Dedicated account managerA dedicated account manager provides consultative guidance and schedules quarterly business reviews
ReportingVendor's technology provides on-demand access to real-time reporting dashboard
Platform stabilityVendor uses best-in-class web service provider to ensure candidate access is never interrupted
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Selecting a Top Outplacement Provider

Being armed with a comprehensive list of desirable features will help you choose an outplacement company and programs that best suit your needs and that make the greatest difference for your impacted employees. In turn, that choice will make the selection and implementation process easier for your management team, and offer the best protection for your employer brand.

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