Virtual Outplacement Services: How Do They Work?

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Being fired or laid off is never a pleasant experience, but one
of the biggest concerns that an employee in this situation has is finding a new
job right away. This is where virtual outplacement comes in. Essentially, outplacement
services can mitigate the negative impact a termination or layoff can have on a

Unlike traditional outplacement, which takes place in a physical
location, virtual outplacement happens online or over the phone, allowing former
employees to communicate with career coaches in a safe and “neutral”
environment. Here’s everything you need to know about virtual outplacement


Wait, What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is a service that helps employees transition from one job to another, usually after being terminated or laid off. Outplacement is offered for a variety of reasons including downsizing, restructures, mergers or bankruptcy. Responsible companies use outplacement firms to alleviate some of the negative experiences associated with losing a job, especially when an employee has worked for an organization for many years.

“From an employee’s perspective, outplacement certainly lightens the emotional load that comes with a job loss. It’s often overwhelming enough to find a pink slip on your desk,” says Investopedia. “Outplacement services can often help with feelings of insecurity, embarrassment, anger or fear of the unknown, which make a job search that much more difficult.”

Traditional Outplacement vs. Virtual

There are two very different types of outplacement services:


  • Traditional outplacement
  • Virtual outplacement

Traditional outplacement happens in a physical location
(sometimes in an HR office, other times in a location away from the main
business). It involves the following:


  • Learning about new career opportunities


  • Receiving career coaching services that assist in job search activities.


  • Learning new skills that will help them find work, such
    as resume writing and answering interview questions

Virtual outplacement involves all of the above, but employees can
receive one-on-one career coaching from the comfort of their own home.


Why is Virtual Outplacement a Much Better

Being let go can be a traumatic experience. Having to visit your
former place of work to receive career assistance can cause further
embarrassment. Even if assistance is provided at an alternative location,
roadblocks like distance, a long or costly commute, and the lack of public
transportation may prevent some from using the service.

Virtual outplacement provides an easy solution. Instead of outplacement services taking place in-house, a person can transition to a new job literally in their house. They can receive career transition services through an on-demand, self-paced experience that includes access to a live career coach through online chat, video conferencing, or phone.


Additional online outplacement benefits include:


  • Saving money on travel costs by receiving job counseling at home.
  • Spending money on gas or public transportation may be challenging without a source of income.
  • Recipients can receive customized training based on their individual skills and experience at a time that works for them.
  • This can come in handy as they apply and interview for new jobs throughout the day.


How Does Virtual Outplacement Benefit Companies?

In addition to the numerous advantages for employees, providing
virtual outplacement services can benefit you as an employer. Companies that offer
outplacement can improve consumer and employer brand reputation, attract top
talent today and in the future, and increase the chance to hire back former
employees once affected by a separation event.

Layoffs aren’t easy on the employer nor the employee. Many
former employees take workforce reductions personally. In some cases, disgruntled
employees have taken to social media to express their frustrations and
negatively impacted brands. Research shows that only one
in five
candidates would apply to a 1-star rated company.

Online outplacement services help employees deal with the
emotional and economic impact of losing a job. Former employees may still
disagree with your decision to let them go, but at least they would be equipped
with the tools necessary to find a new job in less time.


How to Choose a Virtual Outplacement Service

Not all virtual outplacement solutions are the same. Employees
will benefit by working with world-class career coaches who can help them
transition into a new role quickly and hassle-free.

Intoo has revolutionized outplacement with a powerful on-demand
 that builds
trust and strengthens your brand. Employees can use this service to find
suitable jobs that match their experience and qualifications, facilitate
networking, and develop their resumes to land better career opportunities in
the future.



The best outplacement services bridge the gap between two job
roles and can provide employees with valuable career skills that will improve
their chances of finding employment. Employees can also transition to a new
role within their former company if an opportunity presents itself.

Outplacement services that are offered at at a former workplace
can be challenging, even humiliating, for employees. Virtual outplacement
provides a convenient and affordable alternative. Employees can work with
trained staff in the comfort of their home at a time that works for them.

Looking for outplacement services that provide real value? Learn more here.




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