Outplacement Services in Dallas, TX

In your city’s competitive landscape, local employers require tailored assistance. INTOO’s outplacement services in Dallas, TX, across the US, and in 102 countries around the world leverage our in-depth understanding of the regional job market to skillfully steer your displaced employees toward the most rewarding career paths. Simultaneously, providing these valuable services safeguards the reputation of your employer brand.

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Why You Should Get Outplacement Services in Dallas, TX

Our outplacement services empower individuals with the expertise and resources needed for a successful career transition in Dallas’s dynamic environment. These services offer benefits for both your organization and departing employees, including:

  • Expediting affected employees’ job search
  • Preserving a favorable company culture
  • Maintaining a positive employer brand

When you offer INTOO’s outplacement services to your impacted employees, you demonstrate that your organization is one that cares about the welfare of its workforce. You also proactively address risks associated with layoffs, such as employee retention issues as well as negative brand associations. Approaching layoffs with genuine concern for those affected also contributes to maintaining morale among your remaining team members.

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How INTOO Can Help With Outplacement & Career Transition Services in Dallas, TX

INTOO’s outplacement services in Dallas, TX include:

Comprehensive outplacement services

INTOO provides extensive outplacement services in Dallas, TX, including unlimited career coaching which offers holistic support to job seekers. Our approach ensures each individual receives personalized assistance, addressing all aspects—including the practical and emotional—that impact a career change.

Flexible solutions

We recognize that every individual has a unique career path. INTOO provides programs with diverse features and a variety of durations, catering to those across your organization. Our objective is to guarantee a personalized process for each departing employee, no matter their experience or role.

Award-winning platform and dedicated support

Your organization will benefit from the assistance of a committed Client Success Manager (CSM) as soon as you become an INTOO client. Your CSM will provide ongoing support throughout the entire change process, from kickoff to post-implementation.

Those directly impacted by these changes will quickly have access to INTOO’s user-friendly, award-winning technology platform. The job-seeking process will be made easier through the combination of the resource-rich platform and limitless hours of personalized coaching support.

Onboarding on your schedule

Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, our Client Success team possesses the expertise to support you with implementing outplacement benefits before or after a layoff announcement. Whether your event has been in the planning stages or is sudden, our team is ready to work closely as your ally, facilitating a seamless transition for everyone involved.

Our regular onboarding process is typically completed within 48 hours. In urgent scenarios, we offer expedited same-day onboarding to promptly address immediate requirements.

Better results

Boasting an outstanding 97% satisfaction rating from job seekers benefiting from our services, INTOO’s career coaches are wholeheartedly committed to providing meaningful support to your affected employees. Additionally, individuals receiving coaching from INTOO land their next job two-and-a-half times faster than the national average.

Every day of the week, our dedicated team provides continuous support, playing a pivotal role in achieving these remarkable outcomes. In addition to offering services in the Dallas area, INTOO extends its support to businesses across more than 100 countries worldwide.

“We use INTOO Outplacement to help employees find their next step. We have found that it’s been a positive way of showing people that we really want to support them. We want them to be successful, even if that’s not with us, which helps to create a more positive exit.”
Jennifer Fisher
Director of People and Culture, ISTS

“We wanted to show employees that we are invested in their future, and we wanted to do everything we could to support them moving forward. By offering outplacement, we were able to tell employees: “This is a support system that is exclusively here to support you. Yes, we chose INTOO, but they’re not in it for us. This is for you.”

Tess L.
Human Resources Manager, KBD

Improve Your Workplace With Outplacement Services in Dallas, TX

Contact us now to explore our outplacement services in Dallas, TX. Learn how INTOO can collaborate with you as a partner in facilitating successful career transitions. We provide comprehensive information on assisting your transitioning employees and tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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