HR Trends: The Key Reads of June 2021

This Month's Top HR Reads for June 2021

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June 30, 2021


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As more people return to the office, there is increased discussion about burnout and wellness. In addition, violence and discrimination against Asian Americans and Pride Month surfaced concerns about lack of diversity and inclusion of all groups in the workplace.

HR Trends for June 2021

Companies not considering employee feedback when requiring employees to return to work may face revolt

Speaking of mental health, the pandemic has created a new focus on employees’ wellbeing

  • Dating app Bumble and other companies are using collective time off to help employees recover from burnout.
  • With all the new ways we work now, could a 4-day workweek be the answer to upping productivity while reducing stress?
  • Leave it to Microsoft to include mindfulness and focus tools among its new collaboration features to help with employees’ mental health.
  • If you or your employees are experiencing burnout, here are some tips to conquer it.

Your employees’ wellbeing will be at least partly impacted by your organization’s inclusiveness, or lack thereof

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