National Sales Director Lands Dream Opportunity at Amazon: An Outplacement Success Story

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The last time Raymond Fields applied for a job with a new company, Bush had just become president—no, not George W. Bush, but his father, George H.W. Bush.

Early in his career, Raymond was a young go-getter. He applied for a delivery truck driver position at a multinational food and beverage company—and got the job. Raymond ended up staying with the global industry leader for decades, moving up the ranks through multiple reorganizations and even a transfer to a subsidiary.

Raymond Fields, Intoo outplacement success storyAfter 30 years with the company, Raymond, now the National Director of Sales, was let go during a reorganization.

“When I was displaced, I immediately started working on figuring out what’s next,” Raymond said. “I knew I needed to work and I wanted the challenge of work, and didn’t see the point in wasting time.”

So less than a week after his layoff, Raymond got in touch with INTOO, the outplacement service provided by his former employer as part of his severance package. He was quickly matched up with INTOO career coach Natalie.

“I immediately started working with Natalie,” Raymond said. “Obviously, when I started with the company, the world was very different. Now there’s a lot of technology I need to understand in order to get noticed by hiring managers.”

Natalie quickly got Raymond up to speed on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other online platforms and services to help him land his next career opportunity.

“The first issue we worked on was getting my resume up to speed because I had been with one company for so long and really didn’t have a resume that was ready to go,” Raymond said. “So we had a lot of work to do. Natalie really played a large role in getting me ready to start sending it out to get a shot at a job. She gave me an overview of how to make sure I’m putting my best foot forward.”

Raymond already had a dream job in mind. He wanted to start his own company as a contractor for Amazon. In fact, about a year before his layoff, he’d applied with Amazon for this exact opportunity. He’d been turned down at that time—”I didn’t prepare myself very well,” Raymond said—but he was ready to try again.

And this time, he had Natalie to help guide him—and to help him evaluate other options, too.

“Amazon was one opportunity, but I was at the beginning of the process,” Raymond said, pointing out that there was a four-month lag time between applying to be an Amazon contractor and getting a final response from the retail giant. “So I knew that I might still need to find another job with another company.”

Raymond and Natalie set up weekly phone meetings to keep the career transition moving forward smoothly, and often communicated between those scheduled talks, as well.

“Natalie was very receptive to helping me even between meeting times,” Raymond said. “She was very receptive to emails, texting, just any type of communication. We had constant communication around feedback I was getting from employers, talking about how to course correct, if need be.”

Because the application process for Amazon opportunity was rigorous, Raymond and Natalie spent many hours getting ready. To prepare for his interviews, Raymond used the video interview practice service offered through INTOO’s online platform.

“Natalie suggested that I do the online video interview practice,” Raymond said. “Once I did that, I was able to send a copy of the recording to Natalie. She wrote me detailed notes on how she perceived my responses—both my answers to the questions and my body language This was really instrumental in building my confidence and making me feel ready for the opportunity.”

Once Raymond got to the actual interview process with Amazon, he was happy to discover that INTOO’s outplacement solution process had prepared him well.

All of Raymond and Natalie’s hard work paid off. “They called me and offered me a contract literally 24 hours after my interview,” Raymond said. “I would easily say that without Natalie, I probably wouldn’t have aced the interviews. Her support was all-encompassing, from how to dress, how to ask for compensation, and what not to talk about in the interview conversation. She was just a total absolute resource to prepare me for this opportunity and just all the other opportunities as well.”

In Raymond’s view, all employers should provide outplacement services to all employees affected by a workforce change.

“I’ve been on the other side of delivering a severance package,” Raymond said. “So there are several times throughout my career where I’ve had to sit in front of an employee and say, your position is being eliminated. It’s not a performance-based decision, it’s a decision based on the fact that we’re reorienting the organization and your role has been affected. And as part of that, we always offered outplacement to everyone, regardless of job level. And so I view what my former company did for me as standard practice. Now maybe in some organizations, it is not. I think I would have had a negative opinion of companies that didn’t provide outplacement.”

Now, Raymond is a proud contractor for Amazon. His company is called Valiant Delivery Service. “It’s pretty exciting stuff,” Raymond said.

As for his time with INTOO, “Everything exceeded expectations,” Raymond said. “Natalie was always prompt for our weekly calls and provided quick responses whenever I reached out. I would recommend her and recommend INTOO’s outplacement solution to anybody. You know, in life, it’s hard to find a perfect situation. This was one of those rare situations where I think INTOO is clicking on all cylinders.”

INTOO’s outplacement solution helps employers protect employer brand and do right by their workforce by transitioning employees to land their next job 2.5 times faster than the national average time it takes to find employment. With programs tailored to employees of all levels, industries, and backgrounds, INTOO’s coaching-first, award-winning online platform accelerates career transition by connecting candidates with career coaches faster and by providing unlimited hours of personalized coaching for each individual.


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