What Is StrengthsFinder and How Can It Help Employees

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Clifton StrengthsFinder, now known as Gallup CliftonStrengths®, is a powerful assessment tool that nurtures self-awareness among employees. By identifying and understanding their top strengths, individuals can better recognize their unique talents and abilities, enabling them to work on their career development by harnessing these strengths more effectively in their  professional lives.

StrengthsFinder also fosters improved teamwork. Collaborative dynamics are enhanced when team members can identify and leverage each other’s strengths, leading to more effective task delegation and a harmonious work environment.

Why Employees Should Take the StrengthsFinder Assessment

Taking the Clifton StrengthsFinder test can be a game-changer for employees. It empowers individuals by helping them understand and appreciate their unique qualities. Here are some reasons why you should consider taking the assessment:

Improved self-awareness

StrengthsFinder helps employees better understand their natural talents, leading to increased self-awareness. This insight can boost employees’ confidence and self-esteem, making it easier for them to contribute more effectively at their workplace.

Enhanced teamwork

Teamwork is enhanced when employees recognize their strengths and those of their colleagues. This knowledge allows teams to leverage diverse strengths and work harmoniously towards shared goals.

Personalized development

StrengthsFinder provides a roadmap for personal and professional growth. Employees can tailor their career paths and development plans to maximize their strengths.

Increased job satisfaction

When employees are aware of their strengths and can utilize them in their roles, they’re more likely to find fulfillment, leading to increased job satisfaction.

How Long Does the StrengthsFinder Test Take?

Many people wonder how long the CliftonStrengths test takes. On average, this assessment can be completed in about 30-45 minutes. The time required may vary slightly depending on individual reading speed and response time to the questions.

The assessment consists of a series of questions designed to uncover an individual’s innate talents. Answering these questions honestly and thoughtfully is essential to receive accurate results. While the test might seem brief, its insights are invaluable for personal and professional development.

Please remember that the StrengthsFinder test is not a timed exam, and there is no rush to finish it quickly. The goal is to receive results that accurately reflect an individual’s strengths and personality, so employees are encouraged to take the time to answer the questions thoughtfully and honestly.

Additionally, it’s essential to approach the StrengthsFinder test with a clear and focused mindset, as this can help individuals derive more meaningful insights from the assessment.

4 Ways to Use the Results From StrengthsFinder

Once an employee has completed the CliftonStrengths test, the next step is for them to effectively utilize the results to improve their work style and performance. Here are tips on how to use the results from StrengthsFinder.

1. Self-reflection

After receiving StrengthsFinder results, employees should take the time to reflect on their identified strengths. They can consider how these strengths align with their current role and responsibilities. They should think about specific tasks or projects where their unique talents can be applied most effectively. This self-awareness will help employees leverage their strengths to excel in their work.

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2. Goal alignment

Employees should ensure that their career goals and personal development plan align with their strengths. Through this alignment, they can make career choices and decisions that capitalize on what they do best. This can lead to greater job satisfaction and success.

3. Skill enhancement

Employees should identify areas where they can further develop their strengths and related skills. They could seek opportunities for training, mentorship, or additional education that align with their strengths.

4. Effective communication

Employees should share their StrengthsFinder results with their colleagues and supervisors. This openness fosters better understanding and collaboration within the team. When team members understand each other’s strengths, they can delegate tasks more effectively, improving teamwork and productivity.

StrengthsFinder, now known as Gallup CliftonStrengths, is a personal development tool from Gallup, a research and analytics company. The assessment is based on positive psychology and the idea that people can achieve tremendous success and satisfaction by focusing on their strengths rather than trying to fix their weaknesses. With insights into employees’ natural talents, employees can harness their potential and achieve professional success, leading to greater productivity and engagement at work. INTOO offers Strengths-Based Coaching via 1:1 sessions and group workshops to help employees unlock the full potential of their strengths identified through the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment. To learn more, contact us today.

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