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INTOO’s outplacement and career mobility solutions to protect your institutional brand and campus culture

Virtual classes. Shrinking enrollment. Socially-distanced student life. Colleges and universities have been hard hit by the effects of the coronavirus—so much so that “the higher education landscape is now in chaos,” according to The New York Times. All of these challenges mean colleges and universities must adapt quickly to survive.

$23 billion projected decline in higher education revenues in the 2020-21 academic year

More than ⅓ private colleges projected to run out of money within six years

50,904 number of college workers laid off or furloughed due to COVID-19, as of July 2020

The impact of higher education furloughs and layoffs on your brand

Facing unprecedented shifts in both student and faculty needs and expectations, higher education must protect their institutional brand as they undergo change in order to continue to attract students and retain top faculty.

4 out of 5 Americans (80%) say receiving outplacement services would make them less likely to speak negatively about a former employer if they were to be laid off. 84% of employees will consider leaving their current jobs for a company with a better reputation.

Colleges and universities can bolster their long-term outlook by providing career transition benefits to faculty and staff affected by a layoff or other workforce restructuring, while retaining positive relationships with temporarily furloughed faculty and staff to make a quick return more likely as student enrollment numbers improve.

INTOO protects your brand reputation while lowering your unemployment costs and reducing the potential for litigation.

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Job Seeker Feedback

I was grateful that the university provided me with a severance package, which included INTOO’s outplacement program, because looking for a new job alone is hard. I met with my coach at least once a week to work on my resume and prepare for interviews. At one point I had an interview scheduled, which turned out to be a series of interviews with different people, and I kind of panicked. A pep talk from my coach calmed me down and made me realize this was actually a good thing. Having support from INTOO meant that I had guidance, tools and structure, and that I didn’t feel so alone when I needed more help.
Baby Djojonegoro

Baby D.
Previously at a public university and major center of medical
and biological research and teaching
Landed an opportunity with San Francisco Health Plan

Client Feedback

We don’t consider outplacement an optional benefit—it is a must-have for our people. We've been using INTOO’s outplacement program for nearly 3 years, and we're pleased with the decision we made to join together with INTOO as partners. Outplacement has become more important in the time of COVID, no question, not just from a logistics standpoint for companies, but from a sheer support need for the people who are affected by workforce changes. The more people who can be in someone's tribe during these times, with the opportunity to receive unlimited, personalized support from a professional career coach, the better.
Kim Robinson

Kim R.
Sr. Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development,
SAGE Publishing

Expert advice from higher education professionals

INTOO’s career coaches include internationally certified career counselors, career management fellows, and professional resume writers. Having developed numerous career development programs and courses now widely used by some of the top colleges and universities, our coaches are trained to work with candidates at all levels—from entry through to executive.

Our Coaches

hold Master’s degrees
are members of the National Career Development Association and local state associations
have created and taught career development courses

Our coaches are committed to continuous learning, service a diverse range of individuals in multiple languages, and have experience supporting candidates with disabilities.