20 Exciting Christmas Team-Building Activities in 2024

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During the holiday season, companies have a distinct opportunity to uplift their teams and build a positive company culture. Christmas team-building activities not only offer fun and enjoyment; they can also be a conduit to amplify synergy and forge enduring connections. Beyond glittering decorations and seasonal cheer, these activities weave a tapestry of shared experiences, contributing significantly to a workplace culture characterized by positivity and collaboration. The holiday spirit acts as a catalyst, prompting colleagues to team up in novel ways and discover common ground beyond professional responsibilities. The impact extends beyond the festive season, creating a ripple effect that enhances communication, trust, and mutual understanding. As teams engage in yuletide camaraderie, the workplace transforms into a vibrant community, fostering productivity and a genuine sense of belonging. These holiday-inspired initiatives serve as more than just moments of celebration; they are investments in the cohesion and resilience of the team, echoing the sentiment that together, colleagues can conquer challenges and savor successes.

20 Christmas Team Building Activities for Employees in 2023

1. Ornament decorating contest

Spark festive creativity with an ornament decorating contest. Provide employees with plain ornaments and crafting supplies and encourage them to showcase their artistic flair. Display the finished creations around the office or virtually to celebrate everyone’s unique talents and holiday spirit.

ornaments from a company team building activity hanging on a Christmas Tree

2. Secret Santa gift exchange

Allow team members to enjoy both giving and receiving by organizing a Secret Santa gift exchange. Employees draw names and anonymously exchange thoughtful gifts, creating a sense of surprise and camaraderie during the holiday season.

3. Holiday trivia challenge

Ignite friendly competition with a holiday trivia challenge. Create a series of seasonally related questions that test employees’ knowledge of traditions, history, and pop culture. Host the trivia game during a virtual or in-person gathering to enhance team bonding while embracing the holiday spirit.

4. Ugly sweater contest

Inject humor and creativity into the workplace by hosting an ugly sweater contest. Encourage employees to don their most outrageous and festive sweaters, and then hold a lively competition to determine the ugliest (and most amusing) holiday attire. This lighthearted event promotes team bonding and adds a touch of festive fun to the workplace.

5. Virtual caroling session

Bridge the gap for remote teams with a virtual caroling session. Coordinate a time for employees to join a video call and sing their favorite holiday tunes together. This uplifting activity spreads seasonal joy and fosters a sense of togetherness, even when physically apart. It’s a unique way to celebrate the holidays and strengthen team connections.

6. Gingerbread house-building contest

Foster teamwork and creativity by organizing a gingerbread house-building contest. Provide kits or ingredients for gingerbread construction and encourage teams to collaborate in designing and building the most elaborate and festive gingerbread houses. This hands-on activity promotes problem-solving, communication, and teamwork in a fun and delicious way.

7. Holiday Pictionary tournament

Bring laughter and competition to the festive season with a holiday-themed Pictionary tournament. Create a list of holiday-related words or phrases, and have teams compete in a series of rounds. This lively and entertaining game encourages communication and teamwork and adds a touch of holiday spirit to the workplace.

8. Virtual holiday cookbook

Encourage employees to share their favorite holiday recipes in a virtual cookbook. Collect recipes for festive dishes, treats, and drinks from team members and compile them into a digital cookbook. This collaborative effort celebrates diversity in holiday traditions and creates a lasting keepsake that employees can enjoy and share with their families.

9. Holiday charity drive

Channel the spirit of giving by organizing a holiday charity drive. Collaborate with a local charity or organization and encourage employees to donate items and funds or volunteer their time. This philanthropic activity not only brings the team together for a common cause but also positively impacts the community, spreading the joy of the season beyond the workplace.

10. Festive virtual escape room

Challenge teams to a virtual escape room with a holiday twist. Choose a themed escape room incorporating festive elements and encouraging problem-solving and collaboration. Whether conducted in person or virtually, this engaging activity enhances teamwork skills while providing an entertaining and immersive holiday experience for employees.

11. Holiday movie marathon

Foster a sense of togetherness by organizing a holiday movie marathon. Create a list of festive films and schedule a virtual or in-person screening session. Encourage employees to bring their favorite snacks and share their thoughts on the movies. This laid-back activity allows the team to unwind, enjoy each other’s company, and celebrate the season through classic holiday films.

12. DIY holiday card station

Set up a DIY holiday card station in the office or virtually, providing materials for employees to create personalized holiday cards. Encourage them to write notes of appreciation or warm wishes for their colleagues. This heartfelt activity sparks creativity and strengthens interpersonal connections, boosting team morale during the holiday season.

13. Holiday ice skating

Ice skating is a great in-person activity for the team in December! Try to find an ice rink that takes reservations for large groups, and book a time for everyone at your company who signed up to skate. Most ice rinks allow you to rent skates at an additional cost but if anyone has any of their own they can bring them as well. 

14. Christmas cookie swap

Organize a Christmas cookie swap where employees bake and exchange their favorite holiday treats. Participants can share recipes, discuss baking techniques, and enjoy a delicious assortment of cookies. This sweet and social activity encourages bonding over shared culinary experiences, making it a delightful way to celebrate the holiday season.

An assortment of iced, decorated holiday cookies

15. New Year’s resolutions reflection

As the year comes to an end, facilitate a reflective session where employees share their accomplishments and set goals for the upcoming year. This activity encourages self-awareness, team support, and a positive outlook for the future, fostering a sense of personal and collective growth within the team.

16. Holiday desk-decorating contest

Spur creativity by hosting a holiday desk-decorating contest. Encourage employees to transform their workspaces into winter wonderlands using decorations, lights, and seasonal items. This friendly competition adds a touch of holiday spirit to the office environment, promotes individual expression, and creates a visually festive atmosphere.

17. Virtual gift-wrapping workshop

Bring teams together for a virtual gift-wrapping workshop. Hire a professional gift-wrapping expert or have team members with strong wrapping skills share their tips and tricks. This collaborative and educational activity enhances the team’s gift-wrapping prowess and provides an opportunity for casual conversation and connection.

18. Holiday scavenger hunt

Organize a holiday-themed scavenger hunt in the office or virtually. Create a list of festive items or clues related to the season, and have teams compete to find or solve them. This interactive and lively activity promotes teamwork, problem-solving, and a sense of adventure, making it an engaging way to celebrate the holidays.

19. Virtual potluck party

Host a virtual potluck party where employees share their favorite holiday recipes and dishes. Participants can showcase their culinary skills by preparing and presenting their recipes during the virtual gathering. This delicious and communal activity celebrates diverse holiday traditions and provides a shared culinary experience that brings the team together.

20. Team-building board games party

Arrange a board games party with holiday-themed games or classics. Whether in-person or virtual, this relaxed and enjoyable activity allows team members to unwind, engage in friendly competition, and strengthen their bonds. Including games that require teamwork and strategy enhances collaboration while creating a festive and entertaining atmosphere.


Incorporating Christmas team-building activities into your workplace enhances teamwork and collaboration and creates lasting memories and a positive company culture. Whether virtual or in-person, these activities add a festive spirit, making the holiday season a time for celebration and team bonding.

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