November 2022: This Month's Top HR Reads
HR Trends: The Key Reads of November 2022
Welcome to our summary of November’s best reads on HR trends! This month, trending topics...
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A young male employee reacts after receiving an email notifying him that he's been laid off, as happened to employees with Twitter layoffs
Twitter Layoffs: 4 Key Lessons to Protect Your Organization
Twitter’s layoffs by email were highly publicized and reportedly the most chaotic since those conducted...
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An empty office signals tech layoffs.
Preparing for Tech Layoffs: 3 Tips for Leaders
Until the pandemic, tech layoffs were rare, as the industry seemed like one that could...
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A blue graphic map of Spain
3 Surprising Ways Twitter Is Linked To Unemployment
Protecting one’s employer brand is more important than ever as social media and review sites...
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